Monday, 1 August 2011

Epic bedspread project

Wow, finally I am free to take part in a Handmade Monday ! Have been so busy these past few weekends with trips to the Black Country Living Museum and Windermere Airshow, I haven't had much computer time.

I would recommend a trip to the BCLM, it's a great day out if you are into history and are interested in how people lived in the past. What I really loved was how it wasn't like a regular boring museum where you look at things behind glass, instead you walked around a village, all set out as it would have been years ago, there was even a working pub and a fantastic fish and chip shop which sold the most gorgeous, traditionally made fish and chips. You could go in the houses and there were people in character that gave talks. Here are some photos-

I also visited Windermere for the airshow that was put on there. I must admit I'm a bit of an aeroplane geek and jumped at the chance to see the only flying Vulcan Bomber. It was a beautiful setting and seeing the Vulcan against the backdrop of mountains was amazing. It was so loud and as well as hearing it, you could feel it! When it first came into sight the crowd went 'OOO' as one and when it left everyone clapped which I have never seen/heard happen at an airshow before.

And now on to the crafty stuff! I've been crocheting now for nearly 3 months and fancied a bit of a challenge. After taking a look at the ace attic 24 I found this bag pattern and decided to give it a try. I decided to line mine and add press studs and  I'm fairly happy with how it turned out since I've never done anything like that before and the lining was something I really had no idea how to do. I must admit the press studs are in the wrong place and the handles are a bit wonky but I'm a bit in love with my new bag.

I also decided to make myself a black and white bedspread.... I think its going to take me a while! Only 35 more of these squares to make...

Have a great week!


  1. The living museum sounds fascinating & you have some great pics of it and the airshow! The crochet looks fab too! x

  2. I think I'll make a trip to the Black Country Museum, it looks really interesting! And I love your bag, it's really cute and summery! x

  3. The museum looks great, I love day's out like that, I've got one coming up myself next week, I must remember to take my camera.
    Fantastic colours used for the bag and the bed cover will look fab when completed so stick with it.

    Jan x

  4. Isn't the Vulcan amazing! I have seen it at Shoreham and the noise has to be heard to be believed!!

    Great photos

    Ali x

  5. Love the rag rug... almost as much as the monochrome bedspread... well done on getting so far so quickly... won't be long till it is finished!

  6. Love the bag, it's just my colours, and the bedspread's going to look fabulous!I like the look of the museum too,bringing history to life.

  7. I love the bag too - you must be a 'crochet natural' to have picked it up so quickly!
    I'm not a plane geek, but I've been to a couple of 'proms in the park' things where there was a spitfire flyover - it was amazing and gave me goosebumps!
    Never been to BCLM even tho it's not far from us - it looks great, and I love the sound of those fish & chips :)

  8. I LOVE the black country museum. I've been a few times and thought it was amazing! I love the bag too!


  9. I've seen that bag pattern too. Yours looks lovely it's amazing how you can get such a different look with different colours

  10. I love the Black Country Museum. Haven't been there for years though - can't wait to take my son to all the places I've been that are brilliant. Saw you on Handmade Monday.

  11. Love the Vulcan! Just found a great photograph on Tom's Photography Store on Folksy where the owner is donating a percentage of the cost to keeping the Vulcan flying!Go take a look!