Thursday, 18 August 2011

Day two

Two days down, five to go :)
It was ward round today, saw the doctor who said my blood results look fine and that, all being well, I should be home next Wednesday where I can finish the last week of treatment at home. Yey!
Went for an xray this morning, nothing has been said about it so I'm presuming it is fine.
But of a boring day really, slept on and off after having a rubbish nights sleep last night, had very weird, vivid, drug induced dreams- I was winning piles of money out of an arcade machine (hope that's a good omen!) Also I dreamt about being shown around a hotel being built and there were holographic sharks everywhere :s don't know what that is supposed to mean!
The most exciting part of my day was getting my head stuck in a hospital gown after the xray and the most fun I've had is the shower I took this morning- see what an exciting life I lead!
Bye bye for now :)

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