Saturday, 30 June 2012

Catch up.

It feels like forever since I did a non Etsy or Craft post. I have been so busy setting myself up on Etsy including getting in touch with HMRC to let them know- I still have a way to go there and, tbh, it's all a bit scary. I haven't been able to do any paid work for years so everything like tax and National Insurance all seems a bit confusing and I have no idea how best to keep records. A few people have told me I should just sell online without letting anyone know but I just know I would get caught and anyway, I wouldn't enjoy it if I wasn't doing it properly. I'm an all or nothing kind of woman. It's taken a while to get proper permission from different agencies but finally I can do this :) I can't tell you how good it feels to have a structure to my day, to get up and have plans. I know I'm not going to set the world on fire, I may only sell something every few weeks (if I'm lucky!) but the effect it is having on my out look and self esteem is priceless :) And I had my first sale which made me smile for daaaaays!

I have been to clinic twice in the last month, first it was to visit a dentist about my wisdom teeth.  I have been having a bit of problems with the ones at the top as they are so far back that they can't be cleaned (ewww!) and a month or so a chunk fell off (ewwww x a million). My regular dentist can't take them because of the cf so I have to have then done at the hospital I go to.Anyway, the dentist I saw said they will be fairly easy to take out and all I will need is a local aesthetic.  I did feel a bit :S when she said I may feel a bit of tugging and hear some crunching. *bites nails*

I was also at clinic last Thursday to see my diabetic doctor about my kidneys. They aren't working as well as they should be and they are trying to work out why. It could be because I had stones a few years ago and they have made my kidneys a bit holey, it could be because I am diabetic and it can cause kidney trouble or it could just be because of the cf and all the heavy duty drugs I am on. *sigh* I have to have my blood pressure checked regularly to make sure it is normal and I may have to start some tablets- just some more to add to the list! The good news tho is that I have put on weight! yey! My bmi is a healthy 21 which is a good place to be but I am aiming for a little higher. I have the date for my peg to be changed to a button- 6th August. I can't wait!

A few days ago I cut my first Sweetpeas of the year. I blogged about them here-

and here signs.html 

I bought my mum the little glass basket vase from a charity shop. I love looking round charity shops to see what bargains you can pick up :)

Have a fab weekend.


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Here is my treasury inspired by JPWPhotography and his photograph of a big wheel.  It is my contribution to the treasury challenge over on the crafty folk Etsy team. I am really enjoying making these treasuries and will definitely be making more, I hope they are interesting viewing. Click the picture to be taken to the shop.

Have a great Wednesday!

Sunday, 10 June 2012


I have opened My Etsy Shop!. It has been a long time coming I tell you. Do you like the banner and avatar? Since I have no computery type graphic skills, I purchased one from  It was well worth it, and I am so pleased with how it has turned out, it was just what I was after.

Now for some (more) shameless self promotion. Here are the four items I have listed, you may recognise the first three as I had them listed on my Folksy shop. Click the photo to be taken to the shop. 

I have been really enjoying getting back into the designing, making, listing and promoting mindset. I love the community I have found on the crafty folk team, sometimes, when you are stuck at home because you feel really rough, it makes you feel better and really part of something just doing something as simple as Favoriting items or making a treasury.

As well as the jewellery making I have been having a play with glass again, this time playing with frit. Here is the heart coaster I have made, I'm really pleased with how it has turned out but I'm not confident enough to make any for sale.

Time to add my link to Handmade Monday over at Handmade Harbour and have a look to see what everyone else has been up to while we wait for the rain to clear and Summer to arrive.

Have a fab week!


Thursday, 7 June 2012


I haven't done an Etsy treasury for a while so, when I saw the Tresury challenge on the Crafty Folk team it seemed like the right time to get picking some favourite items. For this challenge I had to pick something from flonightingales shop. There are some gorgeous pieces being sold but the owl in a jar necklace has been a favourite for a while. Flo's item is the fist picture, just click on each one to be taken to the shop.


Friday, 1 June 2012


Today I have...

Eaten cherries and grapes.

Noticed the Surfinia had bloomed.

Had a check of my red onions and beetroot in my veg box.

Tied some yellow wool to supports to give my peas something to climb up.

Did a bit of watering.

And planted yet more beetroot. (the seeds are strange!)

I've also listed a bookmark in my brand new Etsy shop (click the photo to have a look)