Saturday, 27 August 2011

Home and a BIG thank you

Well first of all I must say a BIG thank you to Picto who was lovely enough to mention that I was in hospital on the crafts forum, it was such a lovely gesture and one that made me all smiley. When the news is full of horrible stories, it is really lovely to find out that someone has done something just for the sake of being nice and wanting to make someone happy. So Picto, I hope you are reading this! BIG MASSIVE THANKYOU!!!  I would have PM'd you but I'm not sure you can do that with blogger.

Well I'm home, only 4 more days of treatment to go then hopefully free for three or four months. It's so good to be home and back to posting blog updates using Sparkly Dave ( the name of my laptop- is it weird that he.. I mean it.. has a name?) Being able to post on my phone is fantastic but nothing beats being able to type out in real size and comment on peoples blogs, something my phone isn't great for.

I'm back to looking after my little veg plot and my tubs full of tomatoes from which I got five today though  I'm a little worried as they seem to be full of grey, furry stuff :S I'll have to have a look on the internet to see the possible causes.I have to be careful with mouldy stuff because of the bad lungs but I'm being careful. I'm really happy with what I have managed to grow so far, I've taken some pictures of what I have managed to harvest up to now which I will show when I can stay awake long enough to download them!

I've just completed a birthday commission for a friend of my dads wife's birthday, he wanted something colourful so I made a necklace and earring set using Swarvoski crystals, I'll post a picture for handmade Monday.I was really pleased with it and he liked it too :) Felt really good to make and sell something again, it's been waaaay too long :)

I have once again indulged in my wool buying habit and am planning on adding to my beadspread after my nap this afternoon, I've decided instead of it being monochrome, it will have a little bit of colour here and there, to be honest that wasn't some deliberate change to the design to make it look better (tho I think it will) more because I got bored of making black and white squares over and over and over....and over...and over...

Anyway, time to go, I want to catch up on blogs before I dose myself up this afternoon.. (for any pwcf  reading.. 3gm Ceftazadime 4 times a day and 5ml of tobramycin once a day, at 10am, 2pm, 6pm and 10pm...zzzzz)


Wednesday, 24 August 2011

On the train

I'm sat on a train heading towards home. Now,normally I can get a direct train,.but there has been some strikes so I have to change at Preston. *sigh* It could have been worse, if I'd have missed this one I'd have had to change a few more times . I'm really hungry but only have half a packet of haribo to last me for the next hour or two. I'm going to try and post a few pictures of Manchester, not something I've done using only my phone so it will be a bit of an experiment.
I can not wait to get home and get back to my own bed!  A bath wouldn't go amiss either :)

Monday, 22 August 2011

Day 5

Have had a quietish morning of lazying about and reading blogs (soo want to comment but its being tempremental again-sigh) . Saw the doc who treats my diabetes, pretty much ok with that , tho I made need my insulin doses fiddled with. Effort ! Hehe
Got weighed, have put on a pound since I've been here, yey! A few more and I'm my target weight. I like being the heavier side of normal for the times I'm feeling too rubbish to eat, those are the times the weight just falls of me- not good.
Am off to the gym in a bit, 15 mins on the treadmill and I'm done! It does give me a bit of a buzz in a weird way and it breaks the day up.
Ward round tmw  and hopefully escaping Wednesday - a week in is nothing to complain about :)
Have a great handmade Monday everyone, wish I could take part but I'm looking at all the related posts, some great things to read out there.

Saturday, 20 August 2011


Rest in peace flight lieutenant Jon Egging.

My thoughts to his family and friends including all the Red Arrows .

Day 4

There is nothing more boring than a weekend in hospital . It's quiet, the normal physios aren't here and I don't think the dieticians work at weekend. It's like the whole hospital has gone to sleep. Luckily for me my folks visited this morning (a 120 mile round trip) and I'm never more happy to see them. I'm really lucky that they care and want to be there for me.
My bf came to see me last night after work and took me to the trafford centre, I didn't get to buy anything as I only have a fiver on me .. not good!
I've just heard the news about the red arrows crash. I'm so upset about it and am hoping and praying that the pilot is ok. I love the reds, they are awesome and so skilled. Have been to many shows where they have put on a display and I've always been amazed by how brave they are. A few years ago I got their autographs and once the captain asked me to look after his coat while he went to get something (i ll never,ever forget that)
So please, please  let the pilot be ok.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Day two

Two days down, five to go :)
It was ward round today, saw the doctor who said my blood results look fine and that, all being well, I should be home next Wednesday where I can finish the last week of treatment at home. Yey!
Went for an xray this morning, nothing has been said about it so I'm presuming it is fine.
But of a boring day really, slept on and off after having a rubbish nights sleep last night, had very weird, vivid, drug induced dreams- I was winning piles of money out of an arcade machine (hope that's a good omen!) Also I dreamt about being shown around a hotel being built and there were holographic sharks everywhere :s don't know what that is supposed to mean!
The most exciting part of my day was getting my head stuck in a hospital gown after the xray and the most fun I've had is the shower I took this morning- see what an exciting life I lead!
Bye bye for now :)

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

In again . Day 1

<p>Hello! I'm in hospital again and have been here since half three. I've seen the doctor, the nurse, the pharmacist and should be seen soon by the physio and dietician. I've yet to be needled up (the fun!) but have been given swabs and pots for various bits of me to go in. The most important thing is that I have a remote for the telly :D<br>
I'm writing this post on my phone since I forgot to bring my laptop (hopefully you can read it!)
Im planning on spending tonight reading everyone's blogs and hopefully commenting if my phone let's me, it was a bit tempremental last time.
I've also brought a half finished necklace I have been commissioned to make for a birthday present and my wool and hook so I can add more to the epic bedspread project (estimated time of completion- 2050)
On the way here I go past Manchester Airport, today I saw the huge Airbus a380 which as a aeroplane geek made me sqwee!
AK off now to unpack (brought tonnes as usual!)
Hope everyone is having a great week.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Monday, 1 August 2011

Epic bedspread project

Wow, finally I am free to take part in a Handmade Monday ! Have been so busy these past few weekends with trips to the Black Country Living Museum and Windermere Airshow, I haven't had much computer time.

I would recommend a trip to the BCLM, it's a great day out if you are into history and are interested in how people lived in the past. What I really loved was how it wasn't like a regular boring museum where you look at things behind glass, instead you walked around a village, all set out as it would have been years ago, there was even a working pub and a fantastic fish and chip shop which sold the most gorgeous, traditionally made fish and chips. You could go in the houses and there were people in character that gave talks. Here are some photos-

I also visited Windermere for the airshow that was put on there. I must admit I'm a bit of an aeroplane geek and jumped at the chance to see the only flying Vulcan Bomber. It was a beautiful setting and seeing the Vulcan against the backdrop of mountains was amazing. It was so loud and as well as hearing it, you could feel it! When it first came into sight the crowd went 'OOO' as one and when it left everyone clapped which I have never seen/heard happen at an airshow before.

And now on to the crafty stuff! I've been crocheting now for nearly 3 months and fancied a bit of a challenge. After taking a look at the ace attic 24 I found this bag pattern and decided to give it a try. I decided to line mine and add press studs and  I'm fairly happy with how it turned out since I've never done anything like that before and the lining was something I really had no idea how to do. I must admit the press studs are in the wrong place and the handles are a bit wonky but I'm a bit in love with my new bag.

I also decided to make myself a black and white bedspread.... I think its going to take me a while! Only 35 more of these squares to make...

Have a great week!