Saturday, 20 August 2011

Day 4

There is nothing more boring than a weekend in hospital . It's quiet, the normal physios aren't here and I don't think the dieticians work at weekend. It's like the whole hospital has gone to sleep. Luckily for me my folks visited this morning (a 120 mile round trip) and I'm never more happy to see them. I'm really lucky that they care and want to be there for me.
My bf came to see me last night after work and took me to the trafford centre, I didn't get to buy anything as I only have a fiver on me .. not good!
I've just heard the news about the red arrows crash. I'm so upset about it and am hoping and praying that the pilot is ok. I love the reds, they are awesome and so skilled. Have been to many shows where they have put on a display and I've always been amazed by how brave they are. A few years ago I got their autographs and once the captain asked me to look after his coat while he went to get something (i ll never,ever forget that)
So please, please  let the pilot be ok.

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