Monday, 28 March 2011

music, zoo and a banner too

Last week me and the folks took advantage of half price entry for residents at the local zoo. I'm in two minds about zoos, on one hand I think they do good work keeping endangered species going and it's always fun to see animals you wouldn't otherwise get to see relatively close up ( there aren't many Gorillas walking around town) but on the other hand some of the animals just look so sad and bored and I always feel a twinge of guilt like I'm visiting someone in prison that I know is innocent but can't do anything to help.Anyway, it was a lovely day and it is always nice to spend time with my mum and dad.Here are some photos of our day out :)
sleepy otter

'Now,have I left the oven on?'

So huge

I love the blue against the me an idea for a spring themed bracelet...

'scratch my back , love!'

I have also done some crafty bits this week so I can take part in Handmade Monday, this is a picture of a half finished brooch which I had a lot of fun making, I am a little obsessed with making them at the moment and have made several more this week, I think they are going to be one of the first thing to be listed in my shop because of how easy they are to take photographs of. Hopefully I will have half a dozen pictures for next week!
I also added one to a bookmark to make a change from sewing brooch backs onto them. 

I also made some music bookmarks, I love the little charms which you can't really see that clearly (bookmarks are so hard to photograph, I think I need to find a better way) but there is a note, piano, violin (with bow) a microphone, a saxophone (my favourite) and a guitar. 
I have been messing about trying to design a banner for my folksy shop and after a lot of hair pulling and cursing I have come up with this.

It's not exactly what I was after but I'm quite pleased with it :)
Have a great week!

Monday, 21 March 2011


It has been the type of week that started off full of good intensions that dissolved into not getting much done at all’s. I just haven’t been able to get anything started properly. I did, however, manage to finally get a much needed hair cut. When it is looking like this you know serious action is needed!

Obviously that’s a picture of me messing around on a rare night out but my hair was starting to take on a bush like quality. I went along to the hairdressers and had it cut and reddy highlights put in. To be honest it doesn’t look massively different but not having to blow my fringe out of my eyes (and coughing) every two second is pretty good :) It’s been ages since I’ve had my hair dyed and having someone else wash it and massage my head was bliss- I had to stop myself from inappropriate ‘harder, harder!’  type shouting.

I planted my first crops this week, red onions and peas. I can’t wait for them to start growing and for when I get to pick the peas (I may even eat a few!) I wanted to plant more but I was shattered. I’m expecting a call sometime this week letting me know there is a bed available at the hospital, I’m not looking forward to going in but the rest will be ace. I have been doing a lot of sleeping and lazying about on the couch- a sure sign that its time for drugs.

I managed to make some bookmarks and a brooch this afternoon all ready for me to take part in Handmade Monday but I’ve only just managed to take some pictures which have turned out rubbish because there is no natural light, I think I will save them for next week and have a massive post.

Am off now to catch up with all the blogs, have a fab week.

Monday, 14 March 2011

What is that? OH! It's the sun!

What a gorgeous day it was today, I actually didn't have to put my coat on in the garden ( ok, I was a bit cold and coat re putting on was undertaken about 15 minutes after coat taken offadge but I'm choosing to ignore that) At the moment I am making a big box thing full of soil so I can grow veg in it. I've always loved gardening but this is the first time I've had a veg plot I'm looking forward to the challenge of growing different things and already I have bought way to many seeds and bulbs. I've done quite a bit of shifting soil today as my poor aching body can tell you. I started off with a shovel.. that lasted five mins.. then I moved onto a trowel.. not fun when you need to fill a 6ft x 3ft x 2ft deep box. You see, in my heart I can do anything I want, there is nothing that this body of mine can't do but when I come to do it the 38% of my lungs that are working start protesting and the 62% of my lungs that don't work sit there uselessly going ' meh, I'm not helping, you're on your own kid' Very frustrating!
My dad helped for a bit before he had to go out and my mum did a bit while I had a sit down and a bite to eat but there is still a million tonnes left to do.. and i don't eat bloody veg!

After I did as much as I could I took some photos of the bookmarks I have made for Handmade Monday at 1st Unique Gifts .

I think these two bookmarks are going to be the among the first things I list once I have my folksy shop up and running. I'm getting really excited about starting it off and have been drawing some pictures of ideas I have for my banner and avatar.. it's all very weeeee!

Hope you all have a great week.


Monday, 7 March 2011

In the garden.

First of all I want to say a big thank you to all who commented on my last post, its nice to know I'm not ranting to nothingness! :)

It has been a busy week, I have been knitting away at all hours making variations of the flower brooch I put up in my last post. I would have liked to have taken part in the addictive Handmade Monday (1st unique gifts) but, tho I have been working hard, I haven't got anything finished. Instead I have lots of different pieces all waiting to be assembled. Hopefully next week I will be able to take part and have tonnes of stuff to show :) I have decided to take the plunge and open up a folksy shop listing the brooches I make in the next few weeks. *bites nails*

I went to clinic Wednesday and as expected I was advised to have IV's. Normally I would do these myself at home but because I have had a bit of a tough time these past few months and am tired both emotionally and physically, they decided I could come in for a week and be looked after and finish my second week at home.It is so against my nature to want to go in hospital but I have found myself longing to just *stop* and let someone else take over the meds giving and drug mixing.The ward is packed at the moment so I probably wont get a bed until the 23rd ish but they said that's ok as long as I stay as I am now and don't get more breathless or tired. They did notice that I've lost a few pounds but don't seem overly concerned. I am though as I hate to be all skinny and boney. I like having a bum and boobs!
I am meeting a mate in Manchester sometime this week and I am going to buy some beads and bookmark blanks to take in hospital with me to give me something to do and hopefully tempt the staff to part with some cash :)
The weather has been gorgeous where I am today so I decided to have a bit of time in the garden. It was so peaceful just sitting there in the sun listening to the birds while I soaked up the rays. I love this time of year, I can sense the turn of the season from Winter to Spring and it makes me feel positive and happy. Everything is starting to wake up and I feel I am too after seemingly sleep walking through the harsh Winter. I stayed outside unit the sun went in and I could see my breath.

Have a fab week!