Monday, 14 March 2011

What is that? OH! It's the sun!

What a gorgeous day it was today, I actually didn't have to put my coat on in the garden ( ok, I was a bit cold and coat re putting on was undertaken about 15 minutes after coat taken offadge but I'm choosing to ignore that) At the moment I am making a big box thing full of soil so I can grow veg in it. I've always loved gardening but this is the first time I've had a veg plot I'm looking forward to the challenge of growing different things and already I have bought way to many seeds and bulbs. I've done quite a bit of shifting soil today as my poor aching body can tell you. I started off with a shovel.. that lasted five mins.. then I moved onto a trowel.. not fun when you need to fill a 6ft x 3ft x 2ft deep box. You see, in my heart I can do anything I want, there is nothing that this body of mine can't do but when I come to do it the 38% of my lungs that are working start protesting and the 62% of my lungs that don't work sit there uselessly going ' meh, I'm not helping, you're on your own kid' Very frustrating!
My dad helped for a bit before he had to go out and my mum did a bit while I had a sit down and a bite to eat but there is still a million tonnes left to do.. and i don't eat bloody veg!

After I did as much as I could I took some photos of the bookmarks I have made for Handmade Monday at 1st Unique Gifts .

I think these two bookmarks are going to be the among the first things I list once I have my folksy shop up and running. I'm getting really excited about starting it off and have been drawing some pictures of ideas I have for my banner and avatar.. it's all very weeeee!

Hope you all have a great week.



  1. I love these! Looking forward to them going on sale :) Good luck with the veg! Anna x

  2. You may find you start to like veg, trust me it tastes totally different when you grow your own. Like the bookmarks, it always makes me chuckle when people ask what are those?

  3. Good luck with the veg growing. I always start a challenge in the garden every year but never complete it! Lovely to eat what you have grown tho.
    Good luck with the bookmarks, hope they sell for you

  4. Well done you on the vege patch digging, me and plants don't mix they end up dead, DH is good but will not do vege's! prefers shrubs and flowers, hmpff!

    Love the bookmarks they are really different

  5. I agree with Rosemary above, home grown veg is totally different from shop bought. Plus, you can pick it when it's young, tender & tasty. I'm hoping to have a veg patch this year in what was a rainforest jungle when we bought this house. My kids would never eat shop tomatoes but would munch them from the gsrden.

    Love the bookmarks, good luck for the store, it's an exciting time! Thanks for taking part in HM x

  6. I was thinking only last weekend, whilst tidying up our garden that maybe we should grow some veggies. You have me thinking about that again now.
    Keep on gardening as it will help to improve your fitness too.
    Love the bookmarks; always a useful thing to have.

  7. These totally rock!!! I love the designs. Very rock and roll for books :D

    Good luck with the veggies. I have to admit I start every year saying I will grow my own veggies... and then end up forgetting to water them. Oops.

  8. Love the bookmarks, very Pirates of the Carribean :) I like the purple best. Lat year was the first time we had a garden as we had been living in flats for many years, I attempted chillis and tomatoes, and they grew!! They were quite easy once I got them planted in the correct pots. I'd love to have a go at potatoes and carrots this year. But the digging bit is very hardwork!x

  9. Lovely book marks - I have just posted about some handmade "book club" book gift's I made for my friend's- these would go well together!
    Rebecca XXX