Monday, 28 March 2011

music, zoo and a banner too

Last week me and the folks took advantage of half price entry for residents at the local zoo. I'm in two minds about zoos, on one hand I think they do good work keeping endangered species going and it's always fun to see animals you wouldn't otherwise get to see relatively close up ( there aren't many Gorillas walking around town) but on the other hand some of the animals just look so sad and bored and I always feel a twinge of guilt like I'm visiting someone in prison that I know is innocent but can't do anything to help.Anyway, it was a lovely day and it is always nice to spend time with my mum and dad.Here are some photos of our day out :)
sleepy otter

'Now,have I left the oven on?'

So huge

I love the blue against the me an idea for a spring themed bracelet...

'scratch my back , love!'

I have also done some crafty bits this week so I can take part in Handmade Monday, this is a picture of a half finished brooch which I had a lot of fun making, I am a little obsessed with making them at the moment and have made several more this week, I think they are going to be one of the first thing to be listed in my shop because of how easy they are to take photographs of. Hopefully I will have half a dozen pictures for next week!
I also added one to a bookmark to make a change from sewing brooch backs onto them. 

I also made some music bookmarks, I love the little charms which you can't really see that clearly (bookmarks are so hard to photograph, I think I need to find a better way) but there is a note, piano, violin (with bow) a microphone, a saxophone (my favourite) and a guitar. 
I have been messing about trying to design a banner for my folksy shop and after a lot of hair pulling and cursing I have come up with this.

It's not exactly what I was after but I'm quite pleased with it :)
Have a great week!


  1. Your bookmarks are fantastic. So much fun.

    I did have a giggle at your gorilla comment. Have you been to south east London? Every other person comes from the ape family, they haven't evolved too much I'm afraid ;)

  2. What lovely pictures, both the animals and the bookmarks. Hope you had a lovely weekend

  3. Haha, you beat me to it with the gorilla quip, Kat! Was thinking the same about Warrington!

    Love those bookmarks!

    Thanks for taking part in HM x

  4. The gorillas and monkeys are my favourite at the zoo.
    Love the fabric flower brooch but then i would seeing as i put them on everything!! Clever use of one on the bookmark, looks lovely x

  5. Your comment on the Gorilla was so funny, good you enjoyed your day and creating as well, love the bookmark

  6. I must admit I love zoos and seeing all the animals - although I too feel guilty. I think some of the enclosures for the bigger animals are sometimes just too small. I try and reassure myself that these animals have been born into captivity and would not survive in the wild and don't know any different....but I do know exactly what you mean x

  7. You look like you had fun, love the flower and the bookmarks.
    Rebecca x

  8. I feel exactly the same as you do about Zoos but they do, do a lot more good these days than they did many decades ago.
    Nice photos and pretty crafts.

  9. Love the bookmarks and flower. You look like you had a great time at the zoo. Hugs sue x

  10. Clever use of the flower on the bookmark and you have captured some lovely photos on your day at the zoo. Just love your sleepy otter.