Friday, 1 April 2011


Today has been a bit rubbish from the moment I was woken up at 3am with my bedroom door rattling to the errand I went on turning out to be a total waste of time. Rant time I think...

So this morning I was fast asleep, dreaming nice dreams (I hope) and all tucked up in bed when the next thing I know something was poking my back and rattling my door. Now in my half sleepy state I was convinced my mum was hitting my door while she hooverd.. not something she has done before as she knows how much I like my sleep. That sleepiness lasted 2 seconds before my brain caught up and I realised it was an earthquake! I’m surprised at how completely nonchalant I was about it, I just lay there wondering if it would do it again and if I should get up, before I knew it I was fast asleep again... if it had been a thunderstorm I'd have been hiding under the covers with my arms over my head. I told a mate what happened in the morning and he thought was an April Fools joke which I said would be a bit insensitive after the recent events in Japan. Still, I can see why he would think that but, hand on heart, it really happened.

On to the next thing that went wrong….I’ve been making some flower brooches and had two all done and dusted. However there was one I wasn’t totally happy with so decided to take it apart and start again, cue me taking apart the one that was finished and lovely.. I’m sure if you listen very carefully you will be able to hear the echo of my RARRRRRRRRR.

After that I decided to put off any crafty endeavours until after I had had some munch and a bit of fresh air so after filling up on sausage rolls (I have a craving for them at the mo even tho I’m sure the meat is mostly lips and eyebrows) I decided to go and sort my bus pass out, a trip that involved a 20 min drive and a lot of faffing about. I was shattered when I got there and my lungs have been grumbling at me all day. After getting there and providing evidence of where I lived I was asked for the evidence to prove I’m entitled to a bus pass, said evidence was and still is, in the tin on top of my wardrobe…again listen for the RARRRRR.

So that’s what’s gone wrong today, I hope tomorrow is better.

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  1. LOL we all have those days. I notice if I open the wrong draw to get my socks out in the morning I can generally tell that is will be one of those days. I wouldn't worry too much - may will be sharing a similar fate... myself ;)