Tuesday, 19 April 2011

camera + magnets = NOOOOOO!

Yesterday I went to the National Sealife centre in Birmingham as a birthday treat. There's one just down the road from where I live (I posted about it before) but I wanted to go to the one in Birmingham because I haven't been before and wanted to check what it was like. I also want to travel a bit more and I've never been to Birmingham (ok yes- not exactly the most scenic of places but this is the year I want to see *everywhere*)  I really enjoyed myself, there were some lovely displays though I was a bit disappointed with the shark tunnel; it was quite short. However there were hammerhead sharks which I've never seen before and they looked a bit strange. After we'd had a look round, we headed through the shop where I bought myself a mini keyring torch and my mum got some magnetic stones. They all went into one bag plus my camera- big mistake. Anyway, after a lot of walking around sightseeing and a two and a bit hour train journey, I get home and decide to have a look at the pictures I had taken. I turn the camera on and that was fine, put it in playback mode- nothing, back to normal mode and try to take a picture- nothing, totally unresponsive. I couldn't change modes and even taking the battery out and putting it back in didn't work and neither did removing the memory card...nooooo!   Now I can't be sure it was the magnets, it may be a big coincidence but in future I will keep cameras and magnets apart!
So this afternoon I took a trip into town to the local Jessops and got some advice, I could have chosen to have it sent away but it would have meant a total expensive rebuild so after some uming and ahhing I came away with a new camera. I've yet to figure out how to get the most of it and I haven't a clue how to turn the flash on but I guess thats what the manual is for! I've had a play around and had mixed results as you can see..
Blurry Pansy

In focus after a lot of head scratching

My beetroot seedlings

Some yellow flowers

I hope to have some better photos next post!


  1. Sounds like you had a great day out, despite the short tunnel.
    Not too sure about magnets and cameras, my camera bag has a magnetic clasp and I have carried my camera in a magnetic tank bag on my OHs bike. I know the new Neodymium Magnets are very strong. I'll keep that in mind in the future just in case!!!!
    I love your flowers, such vibrant colours. I love taking pics of flowers.

    Jan x

  2. Oh dear, hope you manage to get the camera replaced. Sounds like the magnets may have been the cause. Welcome to my blog, lovely to have you following it. x