Wednesday, 24 August 2011

On the train

I'm sat on a train heading towards home. Now,normally I can get a direct train,.but there has been some strikes so I have to change at Preston. *sigh* It could have been worse, if I'd have missed this one I'd have had to change a few more times . I'm really hungry but only have half a packet of haribo to last me for the next hour or two. I'm going to try and post a few pictures of Manchester, not something I've done using only my phone so it will be a bit of an experiment.
I can not wait to get home and get back to my own bed!  A bath wouldn't go amiss either :)


  1. Hey Little Harriet
    Just been sent over via Picto at UK craft forum. Hope you're back home and feeling OK? Just read your profile. Would it make you smile if I said 'I'm past 40 ( how did that happen). I'm 6' all and wear size 9 shoes and shoe shops treat me like I'm a freak. My husband is about an inch shorter than me -which makes buying sexy heels a problem' Maybe we should go shoe shopping together some time! Best wishes, Helen

  2. Hi Little Harriet

    Welcome home - hope you had a great night's sleep (as well as a nice long bath).

    Lots of CF members will be passing through your blog today, so it would be a good idea to put your feet up and have a good read.


  3. Hello Harriat, hope you are home safe and sound and properly pampered. Look after yourself.

    Mo.XX (Craft Forum.)