Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Sunny Day

It's been gorgeous here, lovely and sunny and, dare I say it, a bit of Spring in the air. I spent most of the morning gluing bails to the back of some glass pendants that I made yesterday, it's the first time I've used glue with glass and I hope it's a success. I'll be giving each bail a good tug before I list them on Etsy, I really hope they pass my test as drilling holes takes forever! If not I will look into using pinch bails and get the Dremel out.

This afternoon I planted some Primroses and daffodils in a tub, with my lungs being rubbish it's the sort of gardening I like as it requires no effort and I can sit down to do it. No digging needed! Doesn't it make you feel great when they sun is shining? I think I have said that a million times this past week. It puts a much needed smile on my face, I have even sang a bit (when no one has been around!)

Here are some of the listings from the Etsy Crafty Folk Team. There are loads of gorgeous items to choose from. All pictures are links to the shops.

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