Tuesday, 19 March 2013

2 to Go!

It's been the last full day of my I.V's today, I have a dose to do tonight and tomorrow morning then I am freeee! (Hopefully for at least three months)  I will have a spare 3 hours a day back.

Since I got home last Thursday, I haven't been doing much more than sleeping, eating (a little) and pottering around the garden, due to the times I have to do my drugs it's been hard to get out, plus I have been so tired and have had a few naps during the afternoon. I did make the effort to go to my family history lesson last night, it was only for two hours and was great to leave the house. I hope to get back to my normal routine tomorrow though the tiredness normally lasts a few weeks.

I managed to dodge the showers and take some photos around the garden.

Cherry Tree Buds- we got about one cherry last year!

Beetroot Seedling.

Peas that have been growing since October.

A red Primrose (I think)

Sweet Peas planted in October

Some purple Crocus

Red Onions I planted back in October

We got these Spring plants free at the local garden centre

Actual blue sky!!!!

Another Primrose ( I think!) They last forever!
It was lovely to get out and get some fresh air! And natural light!

Have a fab Tuesday!

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