Friday, 8 March 2013

First Day

Hello from hotel Wythenshawe! I have been in just over a day now and feel a bit rough (though nothing too bad that would keep me away from the internet!) I'm on a combination of I.V drugs that I don't normally have and they are making their presence felt in my stomach, I'm waiting for my tea but don't think I'll manage much, luckily I have my button ( a tube into my stomach) that means I can still get calories without doing much so hopefully I wont lose weight.

 I haven't had much time to get bored what with seeing various staff (doctors, nurses, dietitians) and going off to see the gas vampires who take blood out of my ear to see how much oxygen and carbon dioxide I have in my blood. I'm supposed to be having an xray but at the time of writing I haven't had it yet and its getting a bit late. Hopefully they will forget! As well as keeping busy, I have lots to keep me entertained. I have brought some crochet in with me so I can keep making the squares I send to Africa, I have my ipod ( where would I be without music?) my Kindle and of course the laptop I'm writing this on.

I am going to spend some time promoting The Crafty Folk Etsy team by blogging about what has been listed as well as making treasuries. I can't wait to get back into listing things. I'll be doing some more research on my family tree while I'm in, there's something to be said about being in hospital and that's that it gives you plenty of time to get on with stuff!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I hope your hospital stay goes smoothly Harriet. It sounds like you're well practised in keeping yourself entertained in hospital, I am too.

    Take care,

  2. Just popping by to say hi, hope the time passes quickly for you and you're not feeling too yucky.

    Take care

    Jan x

  3. Hope you can escape soon x