Saturday, 9 March 2013


Day two in hotel Wythenshawe and it's the weekend. I can not tell you how much I don't like being in hospital at the weekend. It draaaags.... I think it's because there are no clinics on and the whole hospital seems to be less busy plus weekend telly is rubbish. Still, I have been off the ward twice today, once when I got wheeled down for an xray, it being weekend I had to have it at the xray that is part of  casualty and isn't really where I like to go (this isn't a comment on the staff at all, they have always been great, it's more that it's just not somewhere I am used to going) and once when I went a wander in search of salt and vinegar crisps and Haribo which are pretty much the only things my stomach wants to eat at the mo.

I did manage to find some crisps but got chocolate instead of the Haribo (Cadburys Caramel for a quid- who could resist?) and had a very small picnic of sorts up on the top corridor at a little quiet spot that I like. It was nice watching the world pass by, but it was very quiet. It gives you time to think, which isn't always a good thing! Mainly I was thinking about how, last time I was in, I had a good idea my 2 and a good chunck of a year relationship was coming to an end and how stressed and emotional I was. The difference to how I feel this time is marked- I'm not stressed (well no more than being in hospital makes me) and while I am sad at times, and I do miss him very much,  I haven't yet spent any time sobbing in the bathroom like I did back then. I have definitely had lots to think of, for the first time in a looong time, I am putting myself, instead of someone else, first and it feels good! I quite like this being single thing, tho I wouldn't say no if Damien Molony came and offered himself on a plate hehe, but I am enjoying doing what I want, when I want without thinking about how it would effect someone else. My weekends are my own again! I'm giving myself and my little crafty business my undivided attention. The world seems quite a positive place again!

Have a great Saturday night.


  1. Hope you are home soon and all goes well for you. Glad you are feeling better off by yourself, many of us long for some peace and quiet!
    take care xx

  2. I completely agree about weekends in hospital. Glad you were able to get off the ward for a little bit.

    I'm glad to hear that you're happy at the moment. I've also just come out of a relationship and can definitely relate to your feelings.

    Take care,
    Molly x