Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Square Eyes

Due to the rubbish weather, I have spent all of today indoors and, deciding that it really needed to be done, I have finally gotten around to editing my photos of bracelets I haven't yet listed.25 photos that needed to be cropped, resized and played with on fotofuze. Now I know 25 doesn't sound a lot but..... My Eyes! I really should start to work out a system where I only sort a few items each day instead of a load at once.. but that would be the sensible option! I still have to write descriptions yet..
So now for some fun.. treasury time!
This one is for MysticSpirit and is for the CraftyFolk  weekly featured seller treasury making challenge. As ever, click the photo to be taken to the shop.


  1. Some stunning items you have found. The wire work under the sea scene is amazing!

    Live and learn with the photo adjustments :)

  2. Editing photos is such a bore isn't it, wish I could just take 1 perfect one every time, wishful thinking :)