Friday, 21 September 2012


I can't believe it is Friday already, just where has the week gone? Honestly, it only feels like 5 mins ago I was writing my Handmade Monday post and setting myself up for a week of listing on Etsy. The week has been fairly productive, I have been advertising my new Facebook business page  and have 29 likes, yey! I have listed a few new bracelets and have played with a new technique (more of that on Monday :) )  It has also been a bit frustrating.. I intended to order some bracelet sized memory wire... when it was delivered I realised I had ordered necklace sized (happy accident really as I now have some new necklaces waiting to be photographed and put on Etsy) so I ordered some bracelet sized and when that came I realised I had only ordered 1 separate bracelet and not a continuous lot with tonnes of coils.. ahhhhh!

I thought I would show some of the items from the Crafty Folk daily listing club Click on the picture to be taken to the shop :)

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