Friday, 28 September 2012

Blinged up Button

Warning! This is a very boring "c.f" centric post, including a picture of Benedict (a.k.a my gastrostomy  button)

It has been a month since me and Benedict got together in the xray room of a Manchester hospital early one Wednesday morning and we are getting on wonderfully with only a few teething troubles along the way. His impact on my life has been immense, I've put on so much weight that my B.M.I is a fab 23. I haven't had to use a belt to prevent bum flashing disasters and, as my mum put it, I'm getting a bit chunky around the edges. I'm probably going to have to start some toning exercises as I am getting a bit of a beer belly (without the beer) and I have the start of bingo wings.( I wonder how many people have stumbled upon this blog and, reading my joy at putting on weight, have thought "what a cow!" Actually that reminds me, when I was at school someone told me they wished they had c.f as I could eat what I wanted and stay slim, cue a look of disbelief from me and epic unspoken swearing (I was quite restrained back then) )  I love it though, seeing my body slowly change. ( I sound a bit weird don't I?)
I'm not sure what effect the extra weight has had on my lung function, it was about 36% last time I had it checked. To be honest I doubt there has been a massive improvement but I have been getting more exercise ( well sort of, does a walk around the block count as exercise?) so maybe.. just maybe..
The cold I wrote about a few blog posts ago did, in the end, start to make it's presence felt on my chest so I started some back up antibiotics that I keep in my draw of drugs and stuff. I feel ok now apart from being sleepy in the day and having insomnia at night. I have also been having the most vivid dreams and have been feeling really creative. Every cloud eh?
Here is a picture of my button with added shiny crystal snowflake ( sadly the N.H.S doesn't provide shiny accessories and the crafter in my just couldn't leave it plain)

There isn't a scale to judge it against but it is about 3cm long.

Have a great weekend !

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  1. I love the snowflake- genius idea! Congratulations on the fantastic weight gain too! Hope it helps your puffers to behave better.