Thursday, 8 September 2011

Get it before November

Some people have found out that the items they have listed on Folksy will have to be delisted on November 1st. I don't want to go into the rights and wrongs of this (at the moment I'm still unsure what is deemed appropriate and what isn't, I've been told my items are ok but I'm undecided about staying at Folksy) but I know there are some very upset people out there. So I thought it would help if I posted links to some of the items that have been affected in regular blog posts for the next two months.Click on the photo to be taken to the shop.Get them while you can!

First up- LaurasJewellery

1 comment:

  1. Such a crying shame we wont see all these lovely items after November on Folksy. Great to see them in all their glory here and hope we will still see them all elsewhere.

    Best of Luck to you all.
    Lynda x