Friday, 23 September 2011


It's been a strange 8 days. Monday was awesome, I finally, after months and months of saving, got my kiln. I made two glass pendants which turned out better than I thought they would. I'm going to post some pictures as soon as I take some :) I must admit I'm a bit rubbish at glass cutting, it's going to take a bit of practice and the arrival of some decent tools before I can cut anything that resembles the shape I was after. As ever I have grand plans that my newbie skills aren't quite up to! Still, I've always been someone who tries to run before I can walk. Tut!

Wednesday was a day of mixed feelings. I got some news that I had been waiting for but that left me feeling... well I'm not sure how I felt and I still don't . You see, my sister(who didn't have cf)  passed away unexpectedly last year and Wednesday we found out why. I m glad I finally know what it was but it has brought all the grief back. I miss her so, so much. That she's gone hits at the most unexpected times, like the other day I was looking at some crochet tutorials and thought 'wouldn't it be nice if I made Karin a bag for christmas, I ll have to get started' of course then it hit that she wasn't here anymore. When I told her my dreams of making and selling things she was so supportive. I made her a scarf once and she was so happy with it, she was the sort of person who really appreciated the thought that went into handmade gifts. She was creative herself and was great at drawing and painting. The hallway of her flat was painted like a castle and she had a seaside scene painted on the wall in her front room.
So Wednesday was tough, I txt'd my best friend who, as ever was a total support. He has a knack of just listening to me and talking when he needs to. He also knows I won't ask for help so he always gives support if I ask for it or not. Mostly he drives me crackers and I know he's a much better friend to me than I am to him, something I'm going to change as I've come to realise you shouldn't take people for granted.
Well it's Friday night, I'm trying to decide if I should go out dancing in the local rock club where I shall meet some creative arty type (who happens to be rich) and we will decide to set up a gallery come bookshop come bead shop come sweet shop together... or I mighr just be watch telly instead.



  1. Did you go out and find a millionaire with a passion for the creative then?
    Big hugs re:Wed
    I tried glass cutting recently too and am totally pants at it. I wonder how much glass I'll get through before I manage it! Looking forward to seeing your creations

  2. Big hugs LH... it is awful to lose a sibling... my brother died twenty years ago and I still hear music and think I must get Chris to listen to that, he'll love it... and then you remember.

    Can't wait to see the pendants, hope you post them up soon :)