Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Sneeze Tuesday and flower looms.

Have had a busy few days and now I'm sat in bed (yes very indulgent but there is a reason for it) surfing the net, looking at blogs and ordering crafty things.
Went to clinic Wednesday for the end of my treatment, all went well and they were pleased with me, my lung function is about 42% which is the highest its been for a long while and my weight is stable. So all in all a big Yey! At the hospital they have a place where people set up stalls and sell things ranging from AVON products to books and jewellery. There are usually two different stalls everyday of the week and Wednesday there was a stall selling knitty type things to raise money for the baby unit. I saw some wool and a crochet hook, crochet is something I've wanted to try for a while so it seemed like fate, I left with two balls of wool and a 4mm hook and all for £3 . Result! I've borrowed a book from the library and have just about learnt two of the basic stitches, my dream of making lots and lots of crochet flowers seems a long way off...I can not make head nor tail of how to read a pattern but I suppose that will come in time, not for the first time I am trying to run before I can walk.
On Friday I went to Manchester again, this time for non medical jiggery pokery. I went to see a gig, the first one for aaages and it was great. It was The Kills who were awesome tho the support band was a bit meh. It has put me in the gig going mood and now I have a list I want to go and see. There is something about live music that I love, the way you can feel the bass go through you and how you can hear every nuance of the voices.. it's just so thrilling. While in Manchester I had my very first Krispy Kreme donut,  how have I gone through 29 years of life without experiencing something so gorgeous? It was a taste sensation! The best thing of all was that I had it for breakfast which makes it even more indulgent. I think I'am going to have to buy a box full of them and nom the lot :)
I got back home Saturday ( just in time for Doctor Who- I'm loving this series and the end of the episode made me go :0 I wont spoil it in case anyone reading hasn't seen it yet ) and continued my crochet practice, I've made a square up to now which I'm proud of :) I'm sure there is a charity where you can send squares of knitted or crochet things and they turn them into blankets for people that need them... something that I'm going to look into I think.
Now why am I in bed? Well I got home Saturday and went to bed feeling fine but when I woke Sunday I felt rotten, all snotty and sore throaty.I tried to ignore it and do all the usual things I get up to but I still haven't shaken it off so decided that today I was going to do nothing but chill out and relax. Staying in bed is the only way I can do that without being tempted into doing things.  I've let myself have my laptop for the internet and I have the tv and books but anything else is staying downstairs. I've dosed myself up on paracetomol which is keeping my temp down and am keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't go on my chest.
I've ordered a flower loom! ( I'm a bit flower obsessed at the moment- it must be the season) and am feeling impatient for it to arrive. I want it now! I'm trying out different crafts in the hope that I 'll be able to offer more choice in my shop. Plus flowers are ace and I decided to treat myself so I don't feel sorry for myself having a cold :)

Hope everyone is having a non sneezy week.



  1. I'm having a good non sneezy week, hope your cold blows away soon. I love live music but never get to see (hear) enough, and like you I want to learn to crochet. There was a thread on the CF a while back regarding 'squares' http://www.knit-a-square.com/ I'm sure there are others out there too.

    Jan x

    ps... I've never had a Krispy Kreme Donut :o(

  2. Hey thankyou! I'm feeling much better today :) I will take a look at that link and get the crochet hook out today, it seems to be a shame that my practice squares go to waste if they are perfectly fine.
    Ahh you have to try a Krispy Kreme- its bliss!