Friday, 13 May 2011


I am using my phone to post this blog all the way from pearce ward, wythenshawe so please forgive any spelling mistakes. I was looking forward to using my laptop now to ward has the internet but even tho it says I'm connected, it can't actually view any web pages, I m getting an error 101 message. Until someone tech savy comes to rescue me Im stuck using my phone. Still that's better than nothing :)
So I went to clinic Wednesday and as my lung function was poo ( 0.9 /1.5 for readers in the know) I and the doctors decided to start iv antibiotics. I was doing them myself at home but asked if a bed became available could I take it as I've been feeling a bit rough lately and feel I need a rest from doing all the treatment myself . Luckily one came free yesterday afternoon so thus morning I jumped in a train with my folks and (as my dad put it) bag full of everything including the kitchen sink. The hospital is 60 miles from where I live so I'm not expecting any visitors other than my folks who are ace, I'm so lucky to have them. I m not massively bored yet, I have a telly and my beads and phone internet but I miss my own home and own food and everything else homey. I'm always homesick when I'm here and tho the staff are ace and its comfortable, I feel lonely. Daft really as its only been 6 hours! Still it was my idea to come in and I know it will do me good. I hate being sensible sometimes !
I can't believe I can't take part in folksy Friday again ! I had my items picked out and everything ! I am going to have a look what others have picked. :)



  1. Hope you're feeling a little better today. You'll have to put those beads to good use.

  2. I hope you get better soon. ♥

    The Cat Hag