Sunday, 22 May 2011


My team Blackpool got relegated today, am sat here in my tangerine shirt sulking. Still we played well and did better than a lot of people said. *SULK*

Anyway, less of that (*sulk*) and onward to Handmade Monday. Yey! It feels like it has been forever since I have been able to take part, I looked at everyone's items last week while I was 'inside' but couldn't post on a lot of peoples blogs as phone internet was temperamental to say the least.At least I will be able to do that this week :) While I was in hospital I was finally able to have a play with the loom that I was given as a present a year or so ago, the following pics are my first attempts at loom work. I'm not really sure what to do with them now I've made them, they are too short for bracelets (I know I need to do *something* to be able to loom longer pieces) and I havent figured out how to put fasteners on yet anyway ( a job for google that I think!)  I hope you like the rainbow on the  heart pictures, we have some sun catchers hung up and the sun must have caught it just as I was taking the pictures.

Its great being home, I have to go back on Wednesday for the end of my treatment and I cannot wait to be able to have a proper bath :D My garden has grown so much while I have been away and I've just got in from taking a few pictures which I thought I would share.
My big pinky purple Clematis- the first time it has flowered.

Surfinia in my hanging basket

My one year old Aquiglia ( i think that is how it is spelt!)

Clematis with a munched leaf (on the left)

Carrots and Beetroot- am so tempted to dig around them to see how well they are
growing...must... resist!
Hope everyone is having a lovely crafty week.. I'm off to sulk!



  1. Harriet, have never seen a loom used with beads, what does it look like? I love the pink and lilac hearts would make a great bracelet.

  2. The beaded pieces are lovely and would look good mounted and framed. Love the garden pics too.

    Thanks for taking part in HM x

  3. Aww thanks! Ros, this is a link to the type of loom I am using tho it isnt that actual one (if that makes sense!)

  4. Love bead looms but the beads always shoot all over the place, lol. Beautiful flowers, have a great week crafting

  5. I love the hearts. Pleased to hear you're back home. I bet your garden looks lovely :)

  6. I've never seen a bead loom before, thanks for sharing. I think it would look good as part of a friendship bracelet type design.
    Your flowers are looking good, I love taking pictures in the garden.

    Jan x

  7. the don't panic pic, made me laugh I feel like we need one in our house at the mo. What about bookmarks? The garden looks lovely too.

  8. Lovely work and sorry about Blackpool being relegated (I was watching all the ups and downs yesterday and felt for the teams in danger as things changed so much over the afternoon my head was spinning!) Still at least you still have a manager... My team is Chelsea and yet again ours got sacked! We're kind of used to it by now...

    Lovely beading work & I'm impressed with the rainbows in the photos!

    Ali x
    Ali's Craft Studio

  9. The heart design is lovely. Your 'Don't Panic' could do with hanging somewhere in my house right now. Might actually stop me from panicking and is better than drinking wine ;D

  10. Glad to hear you are home, hope you feel ok.
    Your beading looks really lovely, well done

  11. Never seen a bead loom but will now look into one for my craft mad neice! You could mount them for all kinds opf uses I would think!
    ps sorry about Blackpool, would have loved to see them in the EPL again next season.

  12. Nice loom work. Your garden is lovely, so full of colour.

  13. OH, I do like your cool little loomed stuff, looks like they would make awesome hair things. And I love the rainbow. Makes me smile.

  14. Love the don't panic one - brilliant haha