Saturday, 16 February 2013

Back on the Team!

During my rubbish few months and while I was taking my break from all things Etsy, my favorite Etsy team, Crafty Folk, went through some changes which meant that a new team was formed. Yesterday I got my application accepted and I'm now a member of the new Crafty Folk Team! Yey!

I've started to feel much more positive again after the rough few months and have been feeling very creative (something I really missed but didn't have the drive to do anything, funny what a broken heart and a couple of viruses take from you!) and, while I haven't got my shop back up and running yet (fingers crossed for March- I'm waiting to go in hospital so it would be a bit daft to start listing again only to put my shop back in holiday mode) one of the things I enjoyed about having a shop was the sense of community that being part of an Etsy team brought.

So, after a loooong time, here are some of the items listed by the Crafty Folk team members this month. All photos are links to the shop.


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my earrings on your blog Harriet. I love all the other designs you've featured too.

  2. Beautiful choices! I love the craftyfolk team too!!! Steph

  3. Lovely choices, really beautiful things :)

  4. Lovely choices Harriet, they look great together don't they? Lovely to have you back on the team and wishing you all the best with your hospital visit.

  5. I love our Craftyfolk team too!!
    Thank you for featuring my card on your post, thought you might like to know I've just had a sale as a result :)