Friday, 22 February 2013

Having a Wander

I've had a decent week, the sun has been shining which always makes things seem more cheerful. Yesterday I took the bus to a little town near to where I live with the sole purpose of buying some fabric from my favorite shop. This place is packed full with wool, material, sewing equipment, beads, buttons (tonnes and tonnes of buttons!) and everything you can think of. There isn't a surface that doesn't have something on it and, if I was a millionaire, I would buy everything in that shop. Sadly it's shutting soon as part of a plan to regenerate the area. The shop is in a small precinct which has so much character, but is due to be knocked down and, I bet, get replaced with something completely soulless. Hopefully it will relocate and continue to tempt we with wooly things!

I went to the GP today as part of my diabetes care. Everything is fine apart from my blood pressure which is too low and my kidneys that are kicking up a fuss. However, they were happy to leave my care to my Consultant at my C.F hospital. I had my feet checked and was very glad I had cut my toenails as I was starting to sound like a tap dancer when I walked bare foot across the kitchen floor. Too much information? Hehe Probably!

I continue to love being part of The Crafty Folk Etsy Team!  Here is a selection of items that are part of the February listing thread. All photos are links to the shops.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Lovely, what a talented team!

    LOL at the toenails :)