Friday, 6 January 2012


 I hope everyone is ok after the stormy weather we have had here in the UK, it has been very windy here on the Fylde Coast but I thought I would take advantage of the sunny weather to take a few photos around the garden and in the greenhouse.

I am really surprised that some of the hanging baskets I planted last summer still have flowers growing in them, I'm not sure what the blue ones are called but I do recognise the fuchsias.. I wonder if they will last until this Summer.

The sweet peas I planted a while ago are coming on and I have just pinched them out, I don't know why but I feel a bit guilty doing it. Still, I can't wait until I have a little vase of sweet peas on the kitchen table, freshly cut that morning, they are one of my favourite flowers because of that gorgeous scent.

I have just treated myself to a Dremel  so I can drill holes in the glass pendants I make, I hope my fingers stay safe and unholey! I've also ordered a book all about silver art clay which is something I'd really like to have a go at, especially if I can incorporate my glass work. I've had a look at some tutorials on the internet and already I am full of ideas, I really should get a sketch book to write and draw them all down.
Looks like a busy few months ahead!


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  1. Gotta love the wind... No actually I hate the wind, but nevermind.

    Looking forward to seeing some of your silver clay work. It's looks like fun stuff to work with, though in all fairness I am not sure I have the patience. We'll see. The year is young yet!

    Dremels are great. You'll love it and if you haven't already, you'll start buying all the other attachments you can get and start playing around. Super cool tools!