Monday, 16 January 2012


It's Handmade Monday time again and I thought it was about time that I took part again. I am going to show you the glass that I talked about in my last post and how they turned out....

Aren't they shiny? The photo really doesn't show them at the best but they are really lovely and I am so pleased with them :) A definite success I think. I have orderd some tiny drill bits and am going to turn them into a bracelet for myself.  A Big Thank You to Jan at Handcrafted by Picto for the tips on drilling glass, they will make things a bit easier!

I have been reading a silver art clay book and will be ordering some when I get some spare money. I was a bit :O when I saw how much it is for such a small amount and that isn't adding tools and stuff I will need... ouch!

I'm thinking about selling my jewellery again as a way of funding my hobby, either at Etsy or (and this I may need help with) on my own website. I've always loved the idea of having my own site, the no listing and selling fees would be a plus and also having complete freedom to make what I want.Can I pick your brains? If you have your own website how did you go about it? I am a total novice when it comes to that sort of thing but think I'll figure it out.. I'm unsure about web hosting and who to go with... I've been told about Mr Site and that it's fairly easy to use but I read some reviews that its not great for getting noticed on Google... it's all a bit confusing! So any advice and points in the right direction would be very welcome! I feel a bit cheeky for asking!

Have a great, creative week everyone!




  1. I love the idea of working with silver clay so It'd be interesting to read about if you have a go! As for websites, I can thoroughly recommend <a href=">Heart Internet</a> who mine is with. Their customer support is 2nd to none - they're always there, 24/7, always helpful & have even offered to do stuff for me when I don't understand. Lots of options with templates etc and quite easy to use, even for a technodunce like me. My site scores well in Google too!

    1. Not sure what I did wrong with the html there, but it's

  2. You must post photos of your bracelet when you've finished it. Thanks for the lovely message over at my blog. I don't know about recommending a web host - I use 1&1 but they get awful reviews. I'm quite happy with them, for a basic site though and it seems quite reasonably priced. If you want an online store though it all gets more expensive and complicated from what I gather! Sorry - I'm not much help.

  3. I have the Mrsite pro package and i'm still building it at the moment. I'm not very technically minded but it seems ok at the moment, the real test will be when I launch it! Create gets good reviews too. If you do get a mrsite package you can buy them anywhere not just from the site so you can save a fair bit of money too!
    The glass looks great, really pretty, can't wait to see the bracelet you make from it. x

  4. Wow the glass is amazing and will look great in a bracelet. I've got the free weebly website just now and I find it fine. (Just means you have to have weebly in the name. Maybe once I start selling some more I'll upgrade to something a big grander!) Mich x

  5. Shiny things... just love them. Cannot wait to see what you make with them :)

  6. Gorgeous glass pieces - especially the bluey/green ones. Look forward to seeing them as a bracelet as am sure it will be lovely.

    I have tried many website packages and abandoned them - I am now going with Vistaprint. They may not be everyone's choice, but it is proving very easy to set up, so might be worth a look at along with all the other ones recommended. So difficult to chose really.

    Hope you have a good week.

  7. Really gorgeous pieces - I can see them on display in a frame as a beautiful piece of art!

    I have my site with Create (moved from Mr Site a couple of years ago) and cannot recommend them enough! They have a 30 day free trial so you can have a bash before committing yourself and their user forum is brilliant!

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

    Ali x

  8. Beautiful and agree with Ali a display frame would be stunning. Go with your own site you can always sell on others I have tried Etsy, Dawanda and Misi and did not do well. Am now on Wow Thank you and Tracey is far more clued up on the PR side.

  9. I have done a TINY bit of silver clay work (like 2 or 3 things--I didn't say GOOD things, just things!) It is FUN but yes, the material is expensive to play with. However, I LOVE it, I'm so excited to see what you do. I should drag mine out and take some photos to share. A little embarrassing (did I mention they weren't GOOD things?!) Still, I'm very excited for you, I think you could do quite well with it!

  10. I'm with create, and agree with Ali that the forum provides lots of help, and if that fails you go through to the helpdesk. However on the negative side, with your own website you need to keep the work up whereas with etsy, folksy etc. you can get good hits just from new listings.

  11. The glass is very pretty and i'm looking forward to seeing your finished pieces. I'll be reading your comments with interest as i want to sell my stuff too!

  12. The glass looks lovely, it will look brilliant as jewellery and as some of the others have said it would look good as a piece of art as well. Thanks for the mention and the thank you, google is full of hints and tips and how to's, I done a bit of glass work way way back and I needed to go to the library to find things out, it's great that information is so accessible now.
    My hubby says that to do a larger piece of glass you may need to do it in water to stop the bit overheating and shattering the glass. Wire work is also good if you don't want to drill a piece.
    I don't do a website, I'll stick to Folksy, Wow and Face Book for now, good luck with yours.

    Jan x

  13. very very nice!
    the glass looks really nice and will make great jewellery.
    they looks so shiny in the sunlight! brill!