Monday, 28 February 2011

Flowers and IV's

Its been a hard week, I haven't really had chance to rest and I have a feeling that when I go to clinic Wednesday it will be IV time. For the non CF readers, IV's are intravenous antibiotics that are usually given through a vein but in my case through a port as my veins are rubbish after years of being poked.For more info about ports have a click on this link. Port
 IV's are used when my lungs are in need of a boost, they are tired and infected and generally acting up.At the moment I'm tired, a bit breathless, coughing up manky (sometimes blood stained) gunk and feel a bit meh! All signs that I need to bring out the big guns. The antibiotics I started two weeks ago have dampened the general ill feeling down but i still don't feel right. Its 14 weeks since my last lot and I normally go 12 weeks.. so all the signs are there that I need them. The thing is I don't want them. Now normally I am relatively sensible, if I feel I need them I would have them, but on the 4th march it will be a year since I met my boyfriend and I want to be tube free, I don't want to be drugged up and even more tired than I am now. (IV's tend to make me feel worse before I feel better) I want to be normal, just for a little while, for that day,  for him. I want to celebrate meeting someone i'm crazy about without being tied to a four times a day schedule of medication.Its the most stupid of reasons but if I can just hang on for another week... I'll see what the doc's say at clinic. (then sulk until I get my own way. Ha!)

In more crafty news I have just made this flower for handmade Monday which is the most motivating thing on the internet :) Take a look here HandMade Monday  to see what other people have made.

Have a great week!



  1. CF must be so hard to live with at times. I know how hard health problems can be and hope you manage to balance what you want with what you need :-)

    I love your little flower - it's a bit of cheer and hope at the end of your post!

    Thanks so much for joining in with Handmade Monday and I love that you find it motivating! xx

  2. What a deep post. Continue being sensible and have the treatment you need. You will be no use to your boyfriend in your present state. He has obviously been by your side thru thick and thin the past year and i'm sure he would rather you get the boost you need. You could have an early celebration of your anniversary or a belated one.
    The flower is lovely by the way.
    Take care of yourself and happy 1st anniversary
    for the 4th x

  3. A hard time at the moment and sending wishes to you from afar. Love the flower.

  4. It's easy to say, and hard to do - try to be positive not matter what happens. I know we all say it, and think of what we can throw at the person that mentions it when we feel we don't need it. But it's free and only comes at the cost of pride.

    The flower if lovely. Red and black, can't beat it!

    Wishing you well!

  5. Following you now through handmade Monday. I do hope you manage to have a wonderful day together. I'm sure that your boyfriend would be happy to celebrate a different day if needs be. Keep smiling hon. Love your flower btw :) xxx

  6. I always feel worse before I feel better on IV's. All I can do is look forward to feeling better. What happened at clinic? Hope things worked out the way you wanted :D

    Gem x