Tuesday, 15 February 2011

V day

Yesterday my mate and me took part in our 4th annual Valentines Day Bitch. He's single and, while I'm not, valentines day has always been a bit of non event.I suppose we both always hope for cards and flowers and romance (yep, we have fallen for  the idea of how valentines day should be as sold to us by the media and card shops but come on, who doesn't want romantic mush ?) so when we inevitably don't  get flowers or romance or cards we both feel a bit... depressed is too strong a word... more wearily resigned. So, for the last four years we have gotten together, made fun of couples and spent money on things we love (for me beads- obviously :) )
           We met up in Manchester and had a wander around Afflecks Palace( http://www.afflecks.com/ ) which is a great place full of indie shops and where I could and did, spend hours. I love the atmosphere of the place and how packed it is, I don't mean with people, I mean how everywhere you look there are things for sale that catch your eye and make you walk over for a closer look.I was in there for over two hours yesterday and bought a lovely bag. I also had a look around the bead shop that they have there and couldn't leave without buying some obviously essential supplies. I'm having a crack at making bookmarks later and needed to buy some bits and pieces. I will try and post some pictures of what I come up with later on.

Anyway, hope you all had a brilliant valentines day whatever you got up to.

btw.. I did get a brilliant present- Radiohead announced they are releasing their new album this Saturday!!!

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