Monday, 12 November 2012

Fused Glass Cabs

It's Handmade Monday time!

I haven't been up to much this week, the weather has been a bit rubbish and that tends to keep me in, it's such a waste really, I should just go out and wrap up. Still, that is something I will try and do this week.. if it doesn't rain... or it's not too cold... or cloudy... tut!

I was in the mood to made something glassy this week and ended up making some cabochons, they aren't perfect( not quite round and some of the dichroic glass is showing through the sides)  but I am thinking of selling them on Etsy and listing them as such. What do you think? I'm such a perfectionist when it comes to selling things that it is a bit different for me to list something not 100%

Here are the sets I have made..

I am a bit achy today, it was my last lesson at archery yesterday and they had a tournament, now I didn't win, but  I have vastly improved from the first week ( I even got a gold (bullseye!) ) I would definitely like to  keep going with it and join the club, now I can see I am improving it has become even more fun. 

Have a great Monday and week!


  1. They are beautiful and I would definitely gete them listed. x

  2. I would list them too - handmade is all about being unique. Well done on the archery :)

  3. They look perfect to me! If you enjoy the archery then I'd keep it up :)

  4. I like the fact that they're not exactly round and perfection is overrated (who wants something that looks like it came from a factory?). Well done on the archery!

  5. The variety of colours are beautiful. I have tried archery a couple times in holiday. Well done on getting a gold!

  6. I like the glass beads and think the irregularity makes them special, so just advertise them as handmade.

    Not done archery since school and that was a very long time ago, back in the stoneages, lol

  7. The colours are absolutely beautiful. Hope your feeling better.
    Ali x

  8. What gorgeous colours and they look spot on to me.

  9. these are so pretty!!!