Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A bit of brightness on a dull Tuesday afternoon

Zzzz... what a dull afternoon, it is making me sleepy and tempting me to just go to bed and curl up with a hot water bottle. It's cold, cloudy and windy. I'm not keen on days like this, I don't mind the cold (well not too much) or the wind but the cloud is so miserable. I much prefer the frosty, yet sunny, days. Still, the Spring signs are showing, in my greenhouse I have pots full of sweet peas and edible peas sprouting and the red onions I planted last month are starting to grow.

There is one thing I love about Winter and that is Christmas. I don't really like that it is advertised so early ( I think to much of a good thing ruins it) but I when I sat down to make the Crafty Folk Featured Seller treasury I was inspired to make a Christmas themed one. Plus it has brightened a dull day seeing all those sparkly things!

This week's featured seller is GreenStreetMosaics

All the photo's are links to the shops :)

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  1. lots of lovely decorations, thanks for including my heart :)