Monday, 23 July 2012

Poppies and Onions

I can see a little bit of sun! There is a lot of cloud still but, now and again, the clouds part and I'm reminded it is actually Summer. This year I have planted some red poppies in the hope they will self seed all over the garden. I love poppies, they are one of my favourite flowers and I love how they seem to grow in the most unlikely places( we have some growing in the driveway against the side of the house)

This picture was a week or two ago.

And now. I really love how bright they are and there are still loads to open.

I haven't done much listing this week, I think its because I know I am having to shut my shop for the next week or so (from Thursday so buy now! hehe) 


I have also had a play with glass a few weeks ago, I don't think I have blogged about it ( mind like a sieve) so thought I would share. I used frit to make the shape of pansies (at least they are supposed to look like pansies, they are a bit wonkey.) It was also the first time I used fusable paper as I thought leaves may be a bit tricky using frit, plus I don't have any green.I think it has turned out well but I managed to break my slumping mold and I have only used it twice- rarrrrrrrrrrah!

I hope everyone is having a great Handmade Monday!


P.S... I am now on facebook, you can find me here- There will be some crafty promotion and some random life type things, will also promote fellow crafty people.


  1. Yeah, I managed to break my slumping mould after only using it a couple of times. I was trying to make tealight holders. I gave it up as a lost cause!

  2. Have you got any giant poppies? I love these.The bracelets are really colourful and bright (like poppies are!) I particularly like the first one.

  3. your jewellery looks fab, i especially like the 'spikey' bracelet - so unusual and fun!

    your glass is super too, i've never worked with it before but it sounds like you are using some interesting techniques!

    i will pop by your facebook page :) x

  4. Your jewellery is really lovely - I do like the patterned beads. Well done with the glass work - the flowers are very pretty. Hope you have a good week.

  5. I love the poppies in your garden, how pretty :)
    Lovely jewellery as usual, and great effect on the glass x have a good week.

  6. We have loads of poppies and yes the do reseed that and from where the birds drop seed everywhere. So pretty.

    Love your makes this week and well done on your glass coaster

  7. I love poppies, I have some lovely yellow ones too which turn up everywhere! Love those spiky beads, so colourful.

  8. Lovely poppies and jewellery too x

  9. I just love poppies! U could try putting them into the glass!