Monday, 9 July 2012


It's Handmade Monday again, Number 74 already! I don't know why the weeks are going so fast; it's a bit scary.

I find it funny (though I shouldn't really) that one of my favourite things to make is bookmarks yet, this past 6 months or so, the new books I have treated myself to have been on the Kindle. I guess it doesn't make good business sense at all and I doubt Alan Sugar will be worrying any time soon but I tend to make things that take my fancy. Perhaps I should do more research, have a look what is 'in' before I pick up my craft tools but I am ruled by my heart rather than my head... maybe I need to change.
Talking about the Kindle.. I have just read the Fifty Shades trilogy to see what all the fuss was about... good grief it was a bit rude! I kept blushing when I was reading it on the train! Very addictive though hehe.

Here are my new makes for the week.



Have a great week!



  1. These are really pretty. I love the pink and blue mixture. Don't take the fun out of crafting whatever you do - something that takes your fancy is good!

  2. Your bookmarks are really pretty. Following your heart is important it helps with your inspiration. Have a lovely week. Ali x

  3. The bookmarks are lovely. And i think there will always be people who prefer ' proper' books to kindles, even tho the latter are so much more convenient!

  4. Whoo love the pink beaded bracelet!! I'm on book no 3 at mo so addictive which is why I haven't been making n e thing!! Btw I think u should just make what u feel like at the time otherwise it's no fun x

  5. Love the bookmarks, and they do make a lovely gift. I do love my Kindle but books are still around, aren't they? Haven't read fifty shades yet, but they keep hanging on at the top of the bestsellers lists so maybe I should.

  6. I think we all suffer from the heart ruling our heads at times - something pops into our minds that we think will look good and sell and off we go. Your bracelet is so lovely - such gorgeous colours. Love the bookmarks too. Hope you have a good week.

  7. Maybe you should have a go at making yourself a kindle case! Your bookmarks are very pretty tho so keep making.I Really must consider joining the "Grey Clan"!!

  8. I've just bought myself a Kindle (Touch) & I love it :)

    Molly x

  9. Very pretty Harriet. I love the pinks and blues you used for the bracelet! Lovely.

  10. Finally got to read your blog, LOVE it. The stuff you make is beautiful.

    I'm also scared of spiders.