Saturday, 12 May 2012


I'm off to Wembley! Yep, this time next week I will be on my way home from London, either with a smile on my face and Blackpool FC back in the Premiership or I'll be trying to sleep because I don't want to think of defeat and  I'll be shattered after the ridiculously early start (the coach leaves at 7am and I'll have to get up an hour or two before that to get physio, nebs and breakfast done)

I'm having a very lazy week to stock up on energy for it, apart from a trip to Manchester on Wednesday for a check up, I have nothing planned at all. It doesn't mean I wont be doing anything (I'm not that lazy!) I'll be doing some beading and crocheting and maybe some glass work, but I won't be overdoing it (I'll be keeping away from the pub at any rate :) )

Talking of the pub, last Tuesday me and the folks, my friend and her mum and another mate went to a pub quiz. It was ace even if we didn't win, the questions were so hard and all car themed.. ugh! Still it was great to do something different like sitting in a pub and trying to use my brain for once and we didn't come last (more luck than skill I think)

Come on you 'Pool!


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