Thursday, 31 May 2012

And relax!

What a busy time I have had this past week or two, I feel like I haven't had time to just sit down and breathe.Of course just under two weeks ago I was at Wembley for the Play Off  match, that was a loooong day. Normally those kind of days require a few days rest and relaxation afterwards but my friend was visiting for a weeks holiday on the Monday which required much sightseeing and entertainment. I had to get up fairly early Monday to meet him and go to where he was staying (not too far from mine luckily) but I got home in time to post a blog.. then it was nonstop. Tuesday we went to the zoo, we spent most of the day there and I pretty much walked my legs off. I made the mistake of going in a barn with furry things and hay....and my allergies went 'pop' I had streaming eyes and a runny nose.. ugh! But it was a great day and I did a lot of Awww ing at the animals. There was an embarrassing incident, we were in the gorilla house talking about what we would do if any escaped and I had just turned a corner when I nearly walked into a lifelike statue of one.. the echo of my squeak can still be heard I reckon. Here are some photos from the day.

We had a great day.

Wednesday I woke up feeling rubbish, I was full of a Summer cold. This is where my new peg came in really handy, I didn't have any appetite and my throat felt like it was on fire but I still manages to 'eat' and keep my strength up, I seem to have gotten over this cold in record time (not that I want to jinx it!) and am feeling much better.

Sunday was spent on the beach and in the arcades doing touristy things, I should have more sense but I lost a pound or two (actually I would say it was no more than £5- I'm not completely daft!) in the machines. Still, it was fun and a very rare treat. The heat really got to me though,  and by the time I got home I was exhausted, the cold wasn't helping at all and my lungs felt like they had very painful bricks in them. I really, really needed a lie in on Monday but I had to be at the doctors in the morning. I also had to meet my friend who had to leave where he was staying early.

I finally got a breather on Tuesday which was much needed as Wednesday I had to travel to Manchester for a check up. To my massive surprise, my lung function had improved since last time though I was a bit disappointed that my weight had stayed the same. But my dietician reassured me that it was a really good sign that I hadn't lost anything while I couldn't eat properly the previous week. I also had my insulin changed as my blood sugars have been going a bit crazy when I feed, fingers crossed it will work and they will come down. My kidneys are also playing up a bit which is playing on my mind but I'm really lucky going to the unit I do, the staff are ace and I'm sure they will work out how best to sort me out.

Well that brings me near enough up to date, I have a busy weekend planned ( a mates birthday) so tomorrow will be spent being lazy and sorting out my craft stash. I need to resist the urge to buy more stuff until I know what I need!


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  1. Love the animal pics. What a shame about the allergy, it always spoils things doesn't it. Reading about your hectic week completely tired me out, must find a corner for a bit of R and R. lol.