Friday, 4 May 2012


I'm home! Well, I have been home since Tuesday afternoon and have been slowly getting back into a normal routine. Me and the Pegster (I need to find a name) are getting to know each other, learning what we both do and don't like.He/she/It doesn't like to be unexpectedly pulled or poked and I don't like having to look after his/her/its cleaning everyday. Still, we both love getting the extra calories before I go to bed (I'm up to 1250ml at 250ml/hr which gives me an extra 1875 calories every time I use it) I also like the extra water I can have everyday, I don't drink enough by far so the odd syringe full here and there is a great way of upping my intake.
I'm still in a fair bit of pain, especially when I cough but it's nothing I can't handle. I'm also so, so tired. I guess I'm not sleeping properly as I much be subconsciously aware that I have something different stuck in me! I'll get there though, it's just taking a little time.

Today has been the first day in over two weeks that I haven't had an afternoon nap, I have made the most of it and have been catching up with blogs and some clothes putting away (honestly, you should have seen the size of the pile I had to put away when I got home!)

Just a very quick update tonight, I'm listening to the Blackpool v Birmingham match and thinking tangerine thoughts.



  1. Hi There harriet,
    Just been reading back over your posts for the past few weeks and you are really one amazing person. Hope you continue to get better and take each day as it comes. Your dry felting is coming along a treat. I know what you mean about the theraputic values of stabbing the felt with the needles. Very soothing in a funny kind of way. I tried wet felting but the rollering and flatening and wetting and doing it all again dosen't give me the same satisfaction. Hugs Mrs A.

  2. Always wish you the best - you do seem to handle things very well. How about Peggy? lol

  3. Welcome home Harriet - hope you are feeling more comfortable now and getting some much-needed sleep. A name for the Pegster? This could be a whole new competition. Hope you have a good week. By the way, boof is a great word - at the moment I am feeling anti-boofy towards my computer

  4. Sorry for the delay in commenting, I've been stuck in hospital and can't comment on blogs from my phone. I've got my laptop and a very weak WiFi signal now though so am catching up on commenting on the blogs I've read over the last few weeks.

    Has the peg got a name yet? How are things going now? I hope you're sleeping better.

    Take care,
    Molly x