Tuesday, 24 April 2012


It’s done! I’m all pegged up (and slightly drugged up too!) The relief is amazing, I can’t quite believe that it has happened, that I have it done. No more ng feeding! Thank you for the kind words, they mean a lot.

After all my stressing in the last post, the actual procedure wasn’t too bad. I got taken down to the endoscopy place at about half ten in the morning and after a lot of waiting about, some form signing and “am I doing the right thing” thinking, I was wheeled into a very small room at about half 12. The doctor came in and explained what would happen, I was then given some sedation and the last thing I remember was having to bite down on a mouth guard type thingy.
I was taken into recovery about 20 mins later, doped and happy. My memory is still a bit hazy here, I remember seeing a picture of the inside of  my stomach and the white disk holding the tube in place, and telling anyone that I passed as I was being wheeled back to the ward that I had a big bit of cheese in my stomach, I have been told that I said to the porter taking me back that I would buy him a golden trolley if I won the lottery. I am wondering what else I may have said! *blush*

I’m in a fair bit of pain, and have had plenty of painkillers but it is still pretty sore when I try to sit up. Coughing is agony and I’m a bit worried how my chest is holding up since I have been unable to do any physio. I’m hoping this doesn’t last too long.

I have managed to go for a wander around the hospital today while the painkillers were working at their peak, still, it was less a walk and more a zombie shuffle. It was nice to sit outside in the sun for 20 mins or so, I had a very mini picnic of a packet of crisps (bliss!)

So now I’m sat here having my first feed, they have decided to start me off slow and I am just having 300 ml at a rate of  50 ml an hour. At home when I used to ng feed I would do 1500ml at 350- 400 ml/hour so I really have gone back to baby doses. But I can’t complain, 300ml is equal to 450 calories which I need since I haven’t had much of an appetite. Hopefully tomorrow I will have a bit more and a bit faster.

I can’t wait to get home, I miss my parents and my dog. I miss my bed and my garden. I’m looking forward to seeing how my veg is getting on and I need to finish planting my hanging baskets.

So lots of plans!



  1. Thank you for the commment on my latest blog post. My health is relatively good at the moment :)

    Glad your procedure went smoothly & you can't remember any of it. Apparently I've said some very strange things when sedated or coming round from GAs, hehe :P

    I hope the pain eases soon & your chest isn't too bad as a result of not having any physio. Your feed volume and rate will soon increase.

    Do you have any idea yet of when you might escape or is it just a case of waiting and seeing how things go over the next few days?

    Take care,
    Molly x

  2. I should think with such cheerful (and slightly doped up) patients as you that porter must love his job! So pleased it went well for you and I wish you a speedy return to you parents, bed, dog and garden!