Thursday, 19 April 2012


First I want to say a big thank you to  christmaspiecraftswho awarded me the versatile blogger award! It is always great to think that someone likes my ramblings! Thank you lots!There are a few things I need to do before I can claim it so I will work on that.
I’m 30! My birthday was Friday (yep, the 13th- says a lot that) and I had a great one, I had a meal with my family and went out with my friends. I got some lovely presents including a needle felting kit which I am having a lot of fun with. I will take some photos of what I have made up to now and show you in the next few days.
I’m in hospital again, not the best start to my thirtieth year, but something that needs to be done. I have decided to go for it and have a Peg fitted, I am not looking forward to having it but know in the long run it will do me good. A peg is a tube that goes into your stomach so you can have extra “food” and calories, this will be handy for when I’m not well and can’t eat much. It will also help me to get a bit of extra weight on. The peg will be changed to a smaller ‘button’ in three months, the button looks like the valve a blow up ball (I wanted to write doll there) has so it's a lot more discreet than the peg which is long.
I’am  absolutely pooping it when I think about having it put in on Monday, a general anaesthetic isn’t advised so I will be having it under sedation.. The thought of being awake is freaking me out a bit, I just hope I am completely wasted and don’t remember a thing.
But that isn’t until Monday.. For now I am trying not to get too bored, I have my laptop and my felt, books and music, my phone and blogs to read to keep me amused.
I am looking forward to this time next week!

Hope everyone is well!


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  1. Happy belated birthday! Glad to hear that you had such a lovely day :)

    I hope having your peg fitted goes smoothly. I can imagine the idea of having it without a GA must be terrifying but I have a few friends who've had them fitted with sedation & none of them have mentioned anything about it being traumatic, so I hope that's a bit reassuring. I'd expect you won't remember any of it afterwards. Hope you're not too bored in hospital.

    Take care,