Thursday, 29 December 2011

After Christmas

 I always feel the week after Christmas is a bit of a limbo, the decorations are still up but Christmas is over, the next year is just around the corner but not quite here. All the new plans feel like they have to be put on hold until new year (though that's probably me being lazy).
We had a lovely, quiet Christmas here. We have a tradition where we open a present an hour because it makes the  "oooo present!" factor last longer. I love Christmas, the food and decorations and even the awful television. I always get this urge to go to a church service at this time of year, I'm not sure why as I am in no way religious ( I think there is "something" I'm just not sure what.)
 I made some of my own decorations this year, the glass Christmas tree on the left is an experiment I had.They turned out a bit wonky and have only a passing resemblance to a Christmas tree shape but I have gone from initially hating them to loving how they look... I'm fickle! I hope that they are hung on the Christmas tree for years to come.
 This fairy is older than me, her wings are half off and her head is hanging by a thread but I love her!
 Along with the usual decorations, someone (my dad I reckon) has hung the shoe horn I won out of a cracker, on the tree.I think this will be the start of a new tradition!
I must admit I go a bit overboard on the decorations, as I see it the more shiny and bright the better.

Christmas shopping was a bit of a last minute rush this year, I managed to catch myself a lovely virus (lucky I was already in hospital when it started to kick in, I haven't felt that bad for a few years and because of the pain I couldn't open my mouth which was a problem for someone like me who likes to gab, saying that I lost my voice a few days after and had to resort to angry hand gestures. I was given codeine which took the edge off and made me a bit smiley. ) just over two weeks before and with no presents bought, it all had to be done during the last few days. Needless to say I wasn't feeling great as I dragged myself around town, and I promised to listen to the doctors warning to take it easy when all my wrapping was done.
Still, I'm feeling much better than I did and am up and about. :D

I've taken alot of photos with my new, Christmas gift, camera which I have fallen totally in love with and will be with me where ever I go.

I hope everyone had a fab Christmas!



  1. I think the week between Christmas and New Year is 'have a rest' week. Not quite sure what to do myself!! And I'm strangely drawn to the shoe horn idea... :)
    Have a great New Year!!!

  2. I agree the week between christmas and new year is not great! Your decorations look fab and im glad you were home to enjoy christmas x

  3. So good to hear that your decs have history too... love the shoe horn and the angel. Am so looking forward to seeing your pics over the next year... fingers crossed they are not on an NHS ward next year :)

  4. I love all the decorations! I know exactly what you mean about the week between xmas and new year. When you take the decorations down everything looks plain and uninteresting. This year, the fairy lights will be staying up in my room all year round!

    Gem xx