Thursday, 1 December 2011

Spring Signs

Well I though I had better post again as it has been a while. I've been keeping fairly busy, experimenting with my kiln (more failures than success but still loving it) making lots of phone calls (I've heard "the number you are calling is unavailable" way to many times) and reading online tutorials for everything! I've also been adding to the epic bedspread project with a little "help" from my dog.

A first for me was planning ahead and sowing some sweetpea (one of my favourite flowers) seeds for next year. Now normally I'm not the most organised person, my mum said my middle name should have been Later, so this is a first for me. I have loved seeing the new signs of life springing up while everything else is cold and dark and it helps to remind me that Spring isn't too far away. I hope they survive over the winter.

I made some black and white beads the other day and thought I would wrap a piece of silver wire with thinfire paper and place between the layer of glass to make a hole. They looked ok, a bit of cold work is required to get them the shape I want but when I turned them over I found a dirty, yellowy mark in the glass. Nooooo! I *think* it may be because i glued the paper to the silver with prittstick as that was the only thing I did differently...more experimentation needed I think. I'm also thinking about glueing on a bail and forgetting about making a hole until I can get myself a drill... lots to think about.

The beads on the front...

The beads on the back, complete with manky yellow.

still, waste not... I decided to make myself a necklace and bracelet.

Not too bad from an experiment gone wrong. :)

Have a great week!

Ps.. if you get chance watch Love on the Transplant List (it should be on iplayer) It's a documentary about a fellow CF patient and her wait for a lung transplant. I advise watching with tissues as it's very emotional but well worth the watch and highlights the importance of organ donation and what a difference it can make to someone's life.



  1. Might not have gone quite right, but those are still lovely beads.

    Nice to see you have a little helper too.

  2. Thry are lovely beads and if you hadn't said thry'd gone wrong i wouldnt have known!

  3. Sweet peas are my favourites, too - you are very organised! Love the beads: they don't look like they've gone wrong to me :)