Monday, 6 June 2011

Handmade Monday

Hello everyone! It is that time again, time for Handmade Monday. Yey! Have a look at the talented crafters and the fab items Wendy makes.
Have had a nice week relaxing and trying to shake off the cold that I caught. It's mostly gone now but has left me with no voice, not the worse thing that could happen but it is so very frustrating! I've been communicating mainly by flapping my arms about and whispering which I think has made it worse as my throat is a bit sore today, I'll just have to try to be good and have a complete 24 hours where I dont make a noise *gulp*
I've been tying to list regularly on folksy, I've been taking part in Folksy June Bugs (you can take a look at today's items Here) and have managed to list three days out of six which is a little disappointing since its supposed to be daily listing but there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done and go online and make.

Here are the things I've listed this week, sorry for the repeat pictures, will have new items to show next week I promise! Click on the pictures to be taken to my folksy shop :)

Have a great Monday everyone.



  1. Love the button flower! Hope you're feeling better soon!

    Thank you for taking part in Handmade Monday x

  2. the button flower is good! it will make a lovely brooch :)
    thanks for dropping by

  3. Now I know what Folksy June bugs are! It must have been hard work trying to keep up. Hope you're feeling better, I love the brooch so clever

  4. Ssshhhhhhh.......Great items, I've just made your shop a favourite :)

    Jan x

  5. Gorgeous makes especially as you've been feeling ill.
    Hope you feel better soon and get your voice back.

  6. Hope you get your voice back soon.

    I love the skull and pirate theme. Very close to my own heart lol. As usual some lovely piece of work. Looking forward to seeing the new items!

  7. I'm off to find out about the June bug. Don't think I could cope without my voice, I've got far too much to say!

  8. Like the pirate charms! Well done with your listings, your achieved a lot.

  9. I love the colours of the brooch! Really beautiful. Rebecca x