Monday, 4 April 2016

Walks, Wheels, Listings and Swans.

It has been a while since I last blogged so there is a fair bit to catch up on. Good Friday my boyfriend and me set off from Blackpool to go to Coventry to pick up some wheels for his car (He's a HUGE car enthusiast but I can't really say anything due to my obsession with anything crafty) The plan was to get there in about 2.5 hours, pick up the wheels then spend the afternoon at Warwick Castle....6 hours travelling in stop/start traffic and that plan went a bit wrong! However, we decided to make the best of it and found a lovely place called Coombe Abbey Park. It was gorgeous and we had a lovely walk around the grounds and a picnic so the day wasn't a total write off (well, apart from the successful wheel buying!) We stopped off on the way home for steak pudding and chips..bliss! So, after a verrry long day, we finally got back to mine about half ten.

Saturday was a very much needed lazy one, we just chilled out and relaxed so when Sunday came I was up for a good walk ( well a bit of one, my rubbish lungs aren't up to anything even close to be described as a good walk! hehe) We went to the beach to photograph the big metal shell that was put on the beach as part of several art instillations. It was very windy and the tide was in, it was brilliant! It definitely cleared my head and blew the cobwebs away. My poor boyfriend J was freezing though and was pretty glad when we got back to the car and the heated seats!

It was still early and the sun was shining so off we went to a country park called Stannah for a wander. We ended up near a pylon which crossed the path and you could stand underneath it, I was a bit scared of it if I'm honest, especially since I could hear it humming. My boyfriend took some really good photographs while stood directly underneath it, I'll make an artist out of him yet! 

I think I will stick to non hummy things!

You can just see the rubber duck floating down the river, it made me laugh to see it but I have no idea where it came from. 

I have been slowly adding items to my shop, the photos below are links to the item. I'm really enjoying getting back into craft and hoping to sell again. I've lots of ideas of the things I want to make next.. I just need to find the time to fit everything in! 

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Have a great week :)


  1. Beautiful pictures of your trip.

    Sometimes a break is good from creating, recharges our inspiration batteries to start afresh. Love the new jewellery

  2. Some great photos. I love the little robin, and the artistic shell on the windswept beach.