Sunday, 20 March 2016

Invisible Terrapins and Swine Flu

I'am linking this blog to Handmade Monday It has been absolutely forever since I took part, I have missed it!

Well I managed to jinx myself in my last post by saying the admission was going well... to be honest it was at first, my lungs were getting better and I was managing longer and farer on the treadmill, I'd had two lots of unsuccessful lithotripsy but was hopeful the third lot would work...then I caught the flu..
I was pretty much stuck in bed for ten days on oxygen. I was getting lots of visits from the physio to try and clear my chest as much as possible. I was not a happy bunny! It was hard work, I was tired and ill but it needed to be done even when all I wanted to do was sleep.
Slowly I got better, I was taken walks and allowed ( with the the promise I would take it easy and take lots of oxygen tanks with me) a Friday and Saturday out. Finally, after near 6 weeks as an inpatient, I was allowed home.
It has been bliss! I have eaten like a pig! I have slept and I have had an amazing soak in the bath to drown my fleas.
Today has been really good, my boyfriend an I took advantage of the decent weather and went to the local park, it was lovely to be in natural light! I was a bit worried I'd turned into a vampire while I was away. During the Ninja Turtle phase of the 90's, people released terrapins into the lake when the realised they couldn't care for them properly, we tried to spot some but they were all hiding today, maybe it needs to be a bit warmer.
Here are some photos my boyfriend took, I have to say I love the squirrels.

Now I am home, I have been doing lots of thinking about what I want to make first now I am a seller on conscious crafties I have an urge to make something bright and shiny.. though to be honest I always have a love for bright and shiny! Its a great excuse t buy yet more craft supplies.

Please give Conscious Crafties a look, as the website says it's a WORLDWIDE craft marketplace and supportive community for creative people crafting through:

Here are some of the items being sold by my fellow crafties, all photos are links to the shops. 

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  1. Lovely piccys and the website sounds good- will check it out x