Monday, 1 February 2016

Stones and Butterflies and Drinking like a Fish.

January is over already! Where did it go? I am happy that I managed to keep out of hospital for the whole of the month- the first hospital admission free January since 2013! I will ( probably) be going in this month, maybe in the next week or so. A check up revealed I have yet another kidney stone, this time it's a pretty small 3mm and nothing like the huge 1.5 inch ones that caused all sorts of trouble back in 2007. Still, while the doctors are happy to leave it alone, I argued for a course of lipotripsy  ( a treatment that involves laying in water while shock waves try to blast up the stone) as I really, really don't want the stones to get larger and cause lots of trouble.So now I am just waiting for a bed and drinking tonnes of water just in case it can make the stone pass and I can avoid the blasting! Lithotripsy is normally done as a day procedure but we are arranging it so I can have my I.V's at the same time.  As usual I will be taking everything but the kitchen sink in with me including lots of wire as I'm really enjoying my experiments with wire weaving. Today, after many, many mistakes, I finally got the hang of the over over weave. Shame I didn't take any pictures, maybe tomorrow!

Yesterday, despite the absolutely rubbish weather, my boyfriend and a few mates went up to Williamson Park at Lancaster. It's a lovely park, even in the mist and fog, and has a lovely butterfly house which was so warm after the cold outside. To be honest there wasn't too many butterflies but there were lots of other animals to see.  I'd love to go back in Summer and enjoy more of the park.

Have a great week all!

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  1. Gosh, it's been a long time since I've popped over to your blog :) Lovely photo's, the reptiles are brilliant and the flutterbys are so pretty. Good luck for your hospital trip.
    Jan x