Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Wow, this is my 150th post! where has the time gone? It's been a while since my last update, I don't really have a good excuse other than "real" life has gotten in the way, it has been a few months of ups and downs to say the least.

Things are fairly good at the mo, I've been out of hospital for three weeks and am enjoying my post IV high, I am very thankful that I managed to escape before the heat wave, it's hot enough in hospital at the best of times, I have a feeling it will be roasting on the ward now. I've been started on a new nebuliser which I think is doing me good, though I can't really tell if its the end of my IV's making me feel good or the new drugs- I 'll have to wait and see. The only trouble is that its 3 times a day which is a bit of a pain, I am proud that in the two weeks I've been having it, I haven't yet missed a single dose- go me! So in total I have 10 nebulised doses of drugs a day- effort!
 I've also finally reached a weight where the hospital have said 'no more' which is very, very weird to hear as my whole life I've been told I need to put it on, I've had to try and try and try. The challenge now is to keep it stable, I have also been told to do more exercise as the weight I have put on has mostly gone on my stomach and they think it might be squashing my lungs a bit- the job now is to try and shift that onto my arms and legs which are still skinny (yep- I look odd!) and not lose any weight. I have been taken off some of my high calorie supplements which, and I know this sounds daft, is a bit scary in a way. Weight has always been such a big issue for me and to have what I feel as my safety net taken away is very unsettling. I feel like if I start loosing weight then I wont be able to put it back on and I will be back to square one... I need to stop thinking like that.

I have been out and about, both in the garden and the local area, enjoying the sunny weather. Here's some photos instead of me waffling on!

A toad that I found in the garden. Trying to get some shade I think.

My garden peas. I harvested these yesterday and got about 3 meals ( for 3 of us) from this one tub. I've still got another lot to pick.

A vase of  home grown Sweetpeas. Loooove the smell.

Down by the river. Went a lovely walk here as part of my get fit regime! 

The lake at the park. Another walk!

Swans at the park.

I hope you are all enjoying the Summer! Hopefully it wont be so long before I update again.

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  1. Hey u.. Welcome back.. Had me worried! Had to worry about hubby and u and so my blog suffered.. Lol!! Anyway we're both back!! Loving ur garden !! U obv have green fingers! X