Sunday, 7 April 2013

A Sale!

It's HandMade Monday time, just where are these weeks flying to? It's finally getting a bit warmer and I spent a little part of this morning planting yet more seeds. I'm in bed now tho, my chest has decided to throw a strop so I am having a relax and what better place to chill than my comfy bed.

You can tell it is Spring when you hear the blackbirds singing and I managed to take a picture of our entertainer. I can hear him singing now and it is making me feel a lot more cheerful, I think the long, lighter days are helping too.

I sold one of my glass pendants yesterday, I'm well chuffed! I have a few more to list next week and a couple more to drill holes in, hopefully they will be popular.

I have listed 4 more things on my Etsy shop, I am slowly and steadily restocking again :) The photos are links to my shop, I think my favorite is the pink ribbon elephant set.

I was also featured in this treasury -

'16 Cheers for Craftyfolk!' by oneoffcreations

Didn't have room for everyone but this is for everyone in the Craftyfolk Team needing a li'l boost. : >

ON SALE Pink Kokka Apples Fa...

Lavender hanging hearts set ...

Love Hearts Warm Scarf


28" Peach Pearl Necklac...

Heart Decoration Hanging Orn...

Silver flower earrings, hill...

Stunning Collar/Scarf/ Neckw...

Handmade Dark Red, Purple, P...

ACEO A Quiet Evening Scotlan...

Floral Card, Pink Alliums Wi...

Hand knitted Baby Shoes, New...

Bridesmaid Pink Pearl Earrin...

Original Botanical Watercolo...

Glass Dome Pendant, Personal...

Personalised Card - Butterfl...

Have a great week!


  1. It's lovely when other people pick out your work for their treasury isn't it. Well done!

  2. The colourful beaded bracelet is the one that stands out for me :)

  3. I like the elephant too. And what a lovely picture of the blackbird - I think Spring may finally be on the way. x

  4. Your bracelet at the bottom left (can't think how to describe it without saying black with dots!) is my favourite. I'm sure they'll all sell quickly.

  5. Hope you soon feel better. It looks like spring but it doesn't feel like it most of the time! Great getting in the Treasury!

  6. Well done on your sale - that and spring certainly makes you feel good. I love your bracelets, but in particular the one in the last two pics. Hope you have a good week.

  7. Glad you sale went well. Your bracelets are really pretty. I love the two black ones xx

  8. Congratulations on your sale and for the treasury inclusion. It's always lovely to have your work appreciated :-)

  9. That's a gorgeous treasury and I love your new listings :-) Especially the Elephant! Hope you feel better soon. Simmi x

  10. Hope you are up and about soon :)
    I love all your new listings.

    Janice x

  11. Well done on your sale, it's a great feeling isnt it. That's a lovely mixed treasury of items there

  12. We really like the colourful bracelet - top left corner :D Congratulations on your sale!