Thursday, 22 March 2012


Have had a busy few weeks, we finally had central heating put in (just in time for Summer! ) and it has pretty much turned the house upside down! I didn't realise how much work goes into having it installed, the carpet had to be pulled back and some floor boards taken up, there is stuff (even now!) everywhere, and boxes to be unpacked.It's fantastic though, getting up in the morning and being toasty warm and being able to have hot water whenever it is needed is bliss. The old hot water boiler has been taken out of my bedroom and I now have a huge cupboard that is just asking to be filled with crafty stuff! Any excuse eh? :D

I've joined Etsy, I'm not sure I will open a shop (not yet anyway- there is a lot of stuff getting in the way, more on that next time) but I missed the social side of Folksy, after the changes I sort of lost heart with it and gave up for a while. But I have missed the listing club and Folksy Friday, I have especially have missed making posts about items that I like.. so I have decided to give some attention to Etsy. I'm still pretty lost with it, I've been reading about treasuries and circles and teams but think I will get there in the end, I've already joined Crafty Folk which has a daily listing club.. yey!

So here are a few things from the March Listing club that have caught my eye. Just click on the photo to be taken to the Etsy shop.



  1. I feel for you. Don;t you think you will never be clean and tidy again. (Strike out 'tidy' as I expect you are like most crafters, tidy up to a point) Interesting selection you have chosen. Love the mouse and walnut.

  2. What is this word tidy? saw you had joined us on the craftyfolk team, nice to see you there.

    thank you for choosing my happy frog here on your blog.