Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Creme Eggs and cheese Triangles

I'm home! Thank you so much for the lovely messages, they mean so much and have put a smile on my face :) It is so good to be back, I have two weeks of blog posts to catch up and read, I've really missed them all.

I'm still fairly tired but I think this is more to do with the drugs I'm on, I've one more day of these to do then I'm back to Manchester to get my needle out- ahhh I am so looking forward to having a proper bath and not being tied into a 4 times a day IV giving schedule. I did have one :S time while I was in, one of the meds they gave me seemed to make my vision go a bit funny- everything was bright and I was sick with it, thankfully they stopped the IV version and put me on tablets. I had a talk with the dietician while I was in, although my weight is ok I am finding it a struggle to keep it at a level it should be and I have been losing a pound or two here and there, they want me to have something called a peg (changed later on to a button) This is a tube that goes directly into your stomach so you can get extra calories while you sleep. At the moment I do ng feeding (tube up the nose) once or twice a week, with the stomach tube I'd be able to "feed" more often and get a bit of meat on me.I just hate the thought of something being visible all the time and the idea makes me a bit squeamish... It's a lot to think about and the dietician and I have come to the agreement that I will give it some serious thought and if I'm not heavier in 6 months I'll probably have it done. *bites nails* I haven't stopped eating since I got home though (I have a craving for creme eggs and cheese triangles, not at the same time!) so maybe I will get away with it!

I can't wait to get back to making, I had plenty of ideas while I was in but didn't note any of them down! Daft me! Still, I seen to have hit an ideas patch, don't you just love that when it happens? Next week is going to be a busy one I think!



  1. Don't you just appreciate home when you have been away from it. Sounds like you have a lot to contend with at the moment. I am the opposite to you, if I fell over I would just roll. (Not quite as bad as that but you get the picture). I wouldn't dare eat delicious creme eggs. Take care of yourself.

  2. Hi Harriet,
    I've not been reading your blog long but I enjoy hearing what you've been up to.
    Could you not NG feed more frequently? I don't have CF but have a complex medical history & used to NG feed nightly (taking the tube out each day). I just thought that might be an option for you rather than a PEG.
    Take care,

  3. Nice for you to be home, and I really don't see a problem eating cream eggs and cheese triangles together !

  4. I'm glad you're home, creme eggs are good, cheese triangles are good too so why not enjoy them together ;)
    One of my fave snacks is jam and cheese, either on toast or bread. MMmmm lunch is calling me. :)

    Take care

    Jan x

  5. I'm glad you're home and hope you're feeling much better. Really hope you can avoid the PEG tube. A good reason (as if one were needed!) to eat creme eggs lol Look forward to seeing your new makes.
    Keep smiling x

  6. Hey I just saw that you followed my blog so i thought i'd return the favour and say HELLO! Sorry you have been feeling a bit rubbish but glad you are on the mend. Keep eating the creme eggs! I have a few cousins with CF and one is quite a bit younger than me, I remember the tricks her mum would play to try and get more calories into her; cereal with double cream instead of milk is one that sticks in my mind!! Mmm!

  7. I have a stomach tube (since I was 2) and I have like a love/hate thing with it. I'm grateful for it when I'm ill and have no appetite and that, but it is kinda annoying haha. But I like your plan of cheese triangles and creme eggs! Hopefully you won't need a tube then! And oh my god, how good is the first bath after IVs haha xxx