Monday, 9 September 2013

Ah, I'm back to blogging :) It's been a hectic month with no sign that it's going to slow down. I have three hospital appointments this month, all require a 120 mile round trip which is a bit of a pain through its not too bad as I travel there by train and bus, at least I don't have to worry about the awful traffic on the motorway.

Last month I had my annual diabetic eye screening and Friday I got the results- My eyes are showing mild changes. To say I'm worried is a bit of an understatement, though I've had plenty of reassurance from my family and friends that if it had been serious I would not have been given 12 months until they want to see me again, I guess it's my inherent nature that I always jump to the worst possible conclusion!It has given me a bit of a wake up call though and, while my blood sugar control is pretty good, I have an epic sweet tooth. I've given up the tonne of sugar I put on my breakfast and my Haribo consumption is down to only half a bag a week (if that). Fingers crossed this will help.

I've treated myself to a hula hoop! It took some getting used to but now I'm fairly good at it. I do have to imagine I've a pencil up my bum and I'm drawing circles on the floor to keep it spinning, I think its a pretty good visualisation tool! The exercise is doing me good I think, at any rate I'm taller (nope, I haven't had a very late growth spurt, it's down to standing up straight for a change) My stomach is flatter which I think is also down to cutting out fizzy drinks and sugar, ive still got my c.f pot belly but I look more 5 months gone rather than ready to pop.

Well I was going to tell you about my day trip to Windermere but since blogger is being temperamental and wont let me add photos and what's the use of talking about something gorgeous like the Lake District if I can't show pictures, I will have to try again next time. Boo!

Have a great week!


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