Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Busy Month!

I haven't blogged in such a long time, bad, bad me! In my defence it has been somewhat of a hectic month. First I went in hospital to have my wisdom teeth out, I was in for about a week and the actual pulling of the teeth wasn't half as bad I thought it would be. My gums were jabbed with some local anaesthetic, (this didn't hurt at all which really surprised me) I put my headphones on, turned up my ipod, opened my mouth and let the dentist do his work. I did have a bit of trouble with coughing and they had to stop for me to get my breath back a few times but the actual procedure went well. It did feel really strange though, with lots of tugging and pulling. Afterwards I was given painkillers and told to keep off the hot drinks for a day. I was very lucky and didn't have much pain and no swelling, it was as if I hadn't had anything done.

I was allowed home for 12 days before I was back in to have my peg (that I had put in in April, you may remember my nervous post) changed to a button (basically a long tube changed to something just abit bigger than a pound coin) This did not go according to plan and  I have to go back yet again on the 28th for them to have another crack at getting one fitted on the 29th and then hopefully I'll be home a few days later. I think by the time that is done I will have spent more of August in hospital than at home, I may have to add that up to see if it is right.

I haven't got much crafting or Etsy listing done which makes me sad, I've been so tired and apart from a night to bingo yesterday, I have done nothing but eat and sleep. I think the drugs, painkillers and sedation I have had just over a week ago is still swilling around my system. I'll be glad when everything is done then I can get back into things without worrying that I will be back in hospital in five minutes! I feel a bit stuck at the moment and a bit ... lazy doesn't seem the right word, more like I'm waiting. This is the first night I have turned on my laptop for a while, I've had the internet and Facebook on my phone which doesn't require much energy.  I can't wait to get back to blogging (especially Handmade Monday) listing on Etsy (the craftyfolk team!) and making treasuries and, of course, actual making!

I hope everyone is having a more productive month than me!